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Dean’s ABA Week

I now have access to Dean’s portal, so I no longer get written out summaries of how he does. I can access it over the internet instead. I love that I can copy and paste now. For his ABA posts, they are going to be much easier to write and faster. I really appreciate that they have gone paperless. I think I might even have more to say now and to discuss about how Dean is doing with his therapy. On a side note, my camera has pooped out completely and I now have to use my phone to take shitty quality pictures. I cannot wait until I can buy a new camera. I will able to buy one at the end of this month. Also, house update. I will have to wait until next year. I have to pay down my car loan in order to refinance it to get it at a lower payment. My debt to income ratio is keeping me from buying a home this year. The amount of loan that I qualified for isn’t enough to get they type of home that I want. I also become 100% vested in my 411K next year and can borrow against it to use for moving costs, closing costs, and appliances that you need.

8/27/18 – Anne

Dean sat for one activity at a time and then attempted to get up. He was mouthing items and flopping. Dean has an infection near eye that spread, doctor appointment tomorrow, may take him to urgent care sooner. Good picture exchange at snack. Rubbing eye.

8/28/18 – Anne

Dean is flopping when non preferred items presented. He is also mouthing/licking items. New medications for eye/skin infection. Dean attempting to get up after each activity. Good exchange of pics at snack and choosing a variety of items.

8/28/18 – Joyce

Discussed functions of flopping, escape attempts, attention. Grandparent observed part of session, has been leaving room per staff recommendation, child recovering from viral infection, on multiple medications.

8/29/18 – Anne

He continues to mouth items and flop. He may have a follow up for eye/skin tomorrow. Dean was very active and needed quick pace to keep him in task. Discussed skin near eye and follow up appointment. Several instances of drooling.

8/30/18 – Anne

Dean very active. Increased prompts to sit. EI Speech therapist overlap at end of session. He does not have chicken pox. Increase in flopping.

8/30/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He had some trouble sitting during work. He did well on programs and eye contact today. List behaviors observed: mouthing. Dean still has a rash of some sort on his eye. Mom has brought to doctors to get a diagnosis.

8/30/18 – Joyce

Gave family parent portal info instructions, Discussed chewelry, informed family p and a chew ordered and we will use this first.

8/31/18 – Anne

Dean did well with all toys increased independence with foam puzzle. New medication for face. He quick attended to activities, flipping with non preferred toys. List behaviors observed:flop, mouth.

As you can see, Dean gets 14 hours of ABA services now, which is a big increase from the 6 to 8 hours that he was getting before. He has responded really well for the first week despite fighting an infection under the sink around his eye. He has cellulitis, possible from a bug bite that got infected when the bug bit him. At first, they thought it was the chicken pox, but that came back negative. Once I started taking pictures every day and sending them to his doctor, she came up with the cellulitis diagnosis. I am really happy that it isn’t something more serious. At the moment of writing this on 9/2, he is still suffering with it and it hasn’t improved all that much 3 days on antibiotics.

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