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Marshalls Haul

I am super excited to bring you a very small and modest Marshalls Haul. I needed a refill on some pretty notebooks and I told myself that I could spend $20 ($10 for each class) as a treat. I am pretty sure that I got As in both of my classes. I am just waiting for the results of the finals to come out and I’ll have my transcript grades ready. I couldn’t believe what I found for $20. I got to buy two seriously expensive items that would have equaled $63 at Sephora. I am happy to only pay 1/3 of the price for both of these products. I haven’t done a haul in forever! I have been really good at using what I have and not buying anything I already have. I decided to replace my skincare with ELF products. ELF has been killing it lately and there is free shipping with a $25 order. If I can find what I need at Marshalls for less than ELF price, I will get it. Otherwise, I’ll be placing an order at ELF. Let’s get into the haul!


I got this adorable book for Dean for $2.99. The book is originally marked at $9.99, which is insane! Dean sometimes literally eats books, so $3 is an easy buy for me and it’s no skin off my teeth if its ruined in a week. He loves to flip through the book and the poor spine can only take so many flip throughs. I am so happy to have such a great boy who loves to “read”. He takes after his mother for sure. This is a cute Easter book with tons of pages, so it is a lot of bang for your 3 bucks. Dean and I also bought my dad a soap that he promptly opened and complained about no scrubby pieces. LOL. I had to tell him all the benefits of Turmeric and he’s on-board with it now.

I got a two pack of notebooks for $4.99 for my next semester. They are super cute and I needed something bigger than last time. I couldn’t find any Kate Spade, but these have the same theme and I am really loving it. $2.49 isn’t a bad price for a quality notebook and I love the thickness of these pages. It beats buying a $1.50 notebook from Walmart where my PaperMate InkJoy Gel Pens bleed through the page. One of my notebooks from last semester still has a few pages left in it, so I’m using that for reviews.

Yes, I got the $25 Anastasia Stick Foundation in Fawn (a contour shade) for $9.99! I am super excited about this find! It wasn’t swatched and in pristine condition. The box wasn’t even opened! I didn’t realize it was a contour shade, but as you can see it disappears into nothing on me. I can for sure pull it off as a light foundation. The packaging is so heavy and luxe. I am in love and I plan on using this as an all over base. Maybe contour on the days that I can building it up. I also plan to use this to cover up spots. The color looked scary swatched, but like the tab on the outside of the package, it blended into my skin flawlessly. It is definitely matte and I am interested to see how long this lasts on me.

Hell yeah! I got a $38 Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Creme in Prosecco Pop for $9.99, the same as the foundation stick. This highlighter is PERFECTION and I love the golden sheen on my cheekbones. The dark spot on it isn’t from being swatched. It is from the thin plastic protector, but some of the highlighter came off on it. I’m going to use up the product on the protector sheet before swirling this around. There is no hard pan on this and no spray over. The protector just lifted up a deep layer of product, you get to see the deep base to this highlight. It still works for me though. It isn’t too deep. My Marshalls also had Rose Gold, but I thought that it would be too deep for my complexion compared to this taupe/gold highlight. Two of the bottom photos are with flash to really captured the golden sheen, otherwise it looks very taupe/pinky/yellow to me.

Well, that is my haul! I am going to enjoy my treats now. I know that I will be using the contour stick every day and comparing it to two other creams from Smashbox that I own. One cream is too orange and the other cream might be too brown. So, I might be decluttering both of them. I also have three Smashbox cream highlights that seem to be just glitter eye gloss. I think I will keep them for my eyes, but I don’t enjoy them as highlights with that slippery feel to them that never dries down. I hope you enjoyed what I picked up. There will be another mini haul in November and probably some Black Friday hauls as well.

With Love,



11 thoughts on “Marshalls Haul”

  1. I’ve been making some good tj maxx/ marshall purchases recently too! I got a pair of blush pink reebok sneakers for $15 on clearance! They usually sell for $30 in the store and $60+ if you bought them from a sporting goods store! I’ve also found four sweaters I really love at the salvation army, one with the original tags that was only $2.50. I’ve been making some purchases I’m really happy with.

    1. Oooohh! Lucky! I am so into the blush color this year. They must be super pretty! That is great news! I haven’t really been purchasing anything, so it feels great when I finally do make a purchase and buy something for myself. I have been really cutting down on my purchases and focusing on what I own. If I’m not using it/don’t like it, I get rid of it. I don’t want to force myself to use something just because I spent money on it if I really don’t like it/use it.

      1. I need to get new things too. It’s just not in my budget at the moment. I am hoping to invest in a pair of new winter boots soon. I don’t have any, so it’s a priority.

      2. what happened to the pink boots? i bought a new pair online last winter because my black ones were starting to get leaky. i don’t know if you have a bobs store near you, but that is a good place to look because they frequently have sales, then coupons to add on. i’ve also used their website with no problem before. i’ve bought 3 or 4 pairs of shoes there, the most i ever spent was around $27 i think. they also have $10 rewards they mail throughout the year a few times a year, just randomly. it’s probably the best place i can think of to get a decent quality and inexpensive boot. every boot from walmart has been around the same price but only last a year, two at the most.

      3. LOL. The pink boots died the winter before last and I was using a different pair someone gifted to me. The sole is broken now, so I need to find a good pair like the pink ones. Yeah, Walmart shoes don’t last too long, but good for when you are in a pinch. I’m thinking of ordering from Mason’s again. It is an online store where you get credit and you pay a minimal monthly payment on whatever you bought like VS. That’s where I bought the pink ones for around $90 with shipping and they lasted 6 years.

      4. that is a good deal. do they inquire interest though? i’ve definitely had plenty of walmart shoes, some hold up better than others. my biggest issues with the snow boots is that they leak quickly and you can’t really walk through the snow without getting wet feet.

      5. I know VS doesn’t as long as you pay on time the minimal payment which is $27 a month. Mason was either the same way or it was $5. I paid the boots off in two or three months. That’s what I loved about the pink boots. They held up for a LONG time before separating from the sole. I just read and there is an 18% finance charge a month…..Yeah, if I can pay in full I would buy them there. My credit card is less than that. LOL. Definitely not what I remember.

      6. It stinks that their policy has changed. But 18% is also ridiculous! Also idk about credit card payments or whatever, but Nordstrom rack also sells ugg/emu boots at a deep discount. I think on the rarest of occasions I saw a pair for $50 at Marshalls once but the sizing was weird. You kind of have to get lucky there. The boots I usually buy are bear paw, I can usually get a pair for around $30 on sale and they hold up for a few years depending upon how often you use them. My first pair lasted 3 winters, which isn’t long but I was also at ric and doing 20-30 minutes of walking every day, so I still feel like it was worthwhile. Amazon may also be a good place to check because they’ll occasionally have a certain color on sale. My black boots with pink soles that lasted two winters were in the upper 20s. I don’t know. But if I see a good sale online for boots I’ll make sure to mention it to you.

      7. I just went on the website and I see a $79 Ugg that is 70% off! lol. Going to see if I like any of them. AH! They have a Betsey Johnson ankle boot for under $30. LOL. Yup, for sure checking out this site in the future. Thanks for the tip!

      8. The sad part is that is really a decent price for an ugg because whenever I look at the ones I’ve wanted that have bows on them, they’re usually between $150-$200. If I’m going to spend that kind of money on a clothing item, it’s going to be something I can keep and use forever, like my Kate spade bag. Hopefully you will find something there! They will probably have a better selection as it nears winter. No problem 🙂

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