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Dean’s EI Week

Dean had his Early Intervention reevaluation for the last free months that he will be seeing his Speech and Occupational therapist. I will be sharing with you all of the info that I have for this test which is called the Battelle test. I don’t feel like this test is too personal, because it is more about his services and how I think he is doing. There is a section about what skills that I want to see him build on and I think that is good to share with other people to show what my expectations are for my son. I love sharing my son’s journey and I will continue to do so. I wanted to let you all know that there will be recipes coming out on my blog. I know I’ve said this before and it hasn’t happened but I am turning over a new leaf. I used to love to cook and over the past year, I have gotten very depressed about Dean’s diagnosis. I think I hid it very well, but I was in a bad way. I want to start doing things that I used to enjoy again and cooking/baking was one of those things. I want to cook healthier meals for my family and try new things. I think that I am going to subscribe to a cooking magazine possibly Family Circle for easy, family friendly recipes that I can ease myself back into.

Evaluation Notes:

Completed annual evaluation today to determine ongoing needs. Dean’s autism diagnosis makes him automatically eligible for 3 years. He has good skills with manipulatives, but difficulty with language based learning attention. Initiated IFSP. Reviewed daily routines and activities that are challenging. OOAIS written to address communication and play.

Health & Eligibility Summary:

Dean is automatically eligible until he is 3 due to Autism diagnosis. His eligibility scores is as follows: Adaptive: 58, Personal Social: 61, Communication: 55, Motor: 84, and Cognitive: 61.

Change in Service Delivery Plan:

Increased hours for ABA to 15 hours a week.

Developmental Summary:

  1. Adaptive
    • Dean feeds himself finger foods.
    • He chews and swallows well.
    • He is drinking out of a straw cup.
    • Weaning off bottle.
    • Practicing open cup.
    • Dips spoon, but not successful with using utensils.
  2. Personal-Social
    • Dean requires constant supervision.
    • He is affectionate with family.
    • Hugs and kisses.
    • Social in a sense that he is interested in people and goes right up to therapists and new people in his home.
    • Dean enjoys being active and movements like swinging, jumping, running, and swimming.
  3. Communication
    • Dean is imitating “mmm” at meals and with a flashcard.
    • He is vocalizing sounds on his own and family hears a word or phrase and then not again.
    • Dean is following some directions with gestures.
  4. Motor
    • Motor skills are an area of relative strength for him.
    • HE enjoys manipulatives such as puzzles, blocks, and bead stringing.
    • He has difficulty with stringing smaller beads and although he is always on the go his motor coordination skills are difficult for him.
    • He is often running and jumping.
    • He often trips and falls.
  5. Cognition
    • Dean is doing better with following daily routines and doing better with following directions with gestural cue provided.
    • His attention to task is variable.
    • He enjoys looking at books, but mostly as a self stim to flip pages of book.

He only had his evaluation this past week, because it is 2 and a half hours long. Three members of the EI staff had to be there to administer the test. He did as well as expected based on his ABA test results a month or two ago. This post is already really long, so I will get say that Dean is improving everyday and everyday is a new challenge for him. Raising an autistic child is challenging, but it builds you up to be a better parent. Only another parent raising an autistic parent will truly understand the challenges you go through and your own personal struggles from the self-guilt, denial, anger, pity, etc. There are so many emotions going through you all at once, hence my recent struggles with depression. I was feeling so worthless and down on myself. Going back to school has helped and trying to do things I used to enjoy. Nothing prepares you for this and its emotionally draining. I would never take it back though. I love Dean just the way he is.

With Love,



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