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Dean’s ABA Week

I can officially say that switching over to a website for these notes are much easier and more convenient for me. I feel like I am getting more information on how Dean is doing and what goes on and gets discussed during sessions when I cannot be there. I feel like his weekly recap posts are now very long, so I will keep the intros and outros shorter from now on. I am really proud of Dean and everything that he is accomplishing. I have bought Dean’s first Christmas gift. I am going to take a picture of it before I wrap it up and hide it under my bed. This is the time of year that I start buying one thing from Walmart on my weekly trips. Walmart should just sponsor me by now.

9/4/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He had a period of some flopping. Did well with programs today and had great eye contact. Dean has started drinking his water and spitting on himself. I had him sit while drink. List behaviors observed: mouthing

9/5/18 – Ann

Good session, less mouthing. Dean did well this morning. Put in piece to potato head independently for the first time. Less mouthing. Good making choices with pictures at snack. List behaviors observed: mouthing, flopping

9/5/18 – Deb

Dean did great today on programs. He was independently stacking 4 blocks, opening the pop up toy door and needing less prompts when putting pop beads together. Dean had great eye contact, he sat for a long period of time. List behaviors observed: mouthing

9/6/18 – Ann

Focused, very chatty. Dean was in a great mood, babbling throughout session. Focused well on toys, great eye contact. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop

9/6/18 – Deb

Dean did well today on programs. Dean had great eye contact when requesting a break and requesting more bubbles. He did well with new materials: nesting cups and shape sorter. Dean was very vocal today expressing different sounds as well. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping

9/6/18 – Joyce

Therapist varying toys, therapist praised for providing appropriate toys for session, therapist did a nice job keeping client engaged. Grandparent informed new chew tubes in. Grandparent observed most of session.

9/7/18 – Ann

Did well, fussy toward end of session. Dean did well this morning. Increase in pushing materials away and flop towards end of session. Did well with you play. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop

9/7/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He had great eye contact. Dean did great on programs, getting more nice on materials. Dean did great eating and drinking in his chair. Dean seems a little off balance. Dean was vocalizing more sounds during activities. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping

9/7/18 – Joyce

Gave family new chews, Discussed moving to PECS book with family during staff session times, Mike asked for books to be removed temporarily due to mouthing, family to remove bureau, would like solution for toys, bins recommended, family afraid child will climb.

As I am writing this, I am freezing. It is cold in my house at 65 degrees F. It feels like Fall already. I have my comforter wrapped around me and I am about to get up to brew my second cup of coffee today. I have to get started on my homework and I think that I have procrastinated by writing this post long enough. I don’t know what is up next for my blog, but next year, I want to do more lifestyle posts. I am purchasing a camera soon, so I can share my recipes. I’ve been cooking a lot of homemade food and desserts. Besides doing a yearly makeup inventory/declutter and a yearly project pan, I am really just over the whole beauty scene. Anyone else just tired of it and want to do more?

With Love,



11 thoughts on “Dean’s ABA Week”

  1. I like how these evaluations are more detailed than the others. I hope he does well with the increased hours! And yes, I’m over this beauty thing too. Thats why I put myself on a hiatus. I’m not interested in writing any of these things anymore and would rather not write anymore. I’ve been doing so much of it for school as I’ve been keeping a detailed journal of my library work, in addition to regular course work. I’m just not that interested in it anymore.

    1. I hope he does better as well. He already seems to be better behaved in the evening from all the therapy. Yeah, I want to get back to the fun side of blogging again. I am working on a couple of tag posts. With work, school, and Dean, I don’t have a whole lot of free time and I’d rather relax and watch a movie or something. I am definitely more lax about taking breaks from it when needed. Like I have my IT project due Sunday and I haven’t started it yet, because I’ve been doing my other class and doing the regular IT work. Going to see if I can finish it today. I’ve been getting a lot better at my coding class. We shall see.

      1. LOL. I know. I’m keeping myself to the one hour blogging rule on Sunday. I just don’t have more than an hour to spend a week on my blog at the moment. I’m at a point where there are a lot of projects and I don’t have enough time for everything. I still love blogging, but I’m going to do less beauty and more stuff I enjoy.

      2. I get that. it really doesn’t interest me the way it used to as a whole, but especially the beauty space. i don’t feel like i’m contributing anything new or useful, and i don’t really care anymore. though i just got an influenster olay voxbox. it game with a stick face mask and an essence spray. i like the mask but i don’t think the spray does much.

      3. I got an Aveeno box with baby wipes from Influenster, but I don’t have the app. I can’t review it. You can only review it on the app. UGH! Does your phone have the app? My phone says it isn’t compatible, but that might because the SOS is out of date.

      4. I think it’s something new. My software is up to date I think so I haven’t had an issue, but I really prefer to use the website to do influenster posts because it’s easier. Honestly it’s sort of an elitist feature and I don’t like it. Why should the kind of cell phone or tablet you use determine whether or not you can get badges? I’m hoping it changes back.

      5. I’m like well, I’m gonna fail this task unless I buy a new phone. lol. I honestly think I might get a new phone. All my task is is a review. You would think that I would be able to just do it on the computer. Why do I need to use the app?

      6. It seems like maybe the website is switching to a mobile only service but I don’t really know. I don’t necessarily like the app. I only have to review each product as well. At least it’s not like some of the older products where you have to record a demo, write a review, make an Unboxing video and several other tasks. This is easier but it really should be available on all platforms.

      7. If I had to guess it probably has something to do with the software. It seems likely that Walmart would be more likely to have a version that’s compatible with all cell phones because they have a really wide variety of users, whereas influenster is running on a smaller scale. It’s possible it was never developed for the software your phone has, only the newest software, if that makes sense. It’s stupid and hopefully they will work on making it more compatible with other softwares.

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