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August Listening

Once again, I have nothing read in the month of August, but I have been reading. Going to school full time is really not leaving me with much me time, never mind reading time. I am hoping to take an hour to read every week and sticking to that plan. I have been listening to my audiobook when I exercise and I have listened to it at work as well when I am working on something boring and repetitive like writing procedures. I also like listening to my audiobook the last 30 minutes of work, since I’m just wrapping up and ending the day. I am enjoying Audible a ton, but I did put my subscription on hold for 3 months. I have purchased two other books that I would like to be done with before buying another audiobook.

I thought that I would share with you the two other books that I have bought from Audible and will be listening to next. Yes, both of these books are from authors that I already love and enjoy. These books were on my to-read shelf and I cannot believe that I forgot about them. I hope that I enjoy them, but I know Audible has a great return policy.

Insatiable (Insatiable, #1)

I have had this book on my to-read shelf since 2011. I believe it is a more adult Meg Cabot book and I love romance with a mix of supernatural elements. It is 16 and a half hours of Audio which the other book was only 7, so it is more than double in length. I am hoping it will be a good story from one of my favorite authors. I want to read all of her books. I think I will read this one next. I have been looking forward to it for so long. I still need to cut down my to-read shelf. I’m down to 663 from like 750. I am getting there. It is just super tedious. I make sure to only mark things that I want to read now. I only want to do this once. Maybe, by Christmas, I will have gone through all of my picks and can have the final count of the books that I want to read.

Can You Keep a Secret?

Danielle has turned me onto this author. I love her Sophaholic series and this seems like a cute stand alone. This one is 10 and a half hours. It will be a nice, humorous read and a break from dramatic stories. I have a vast taste in books and I love trying out different ones. I enjoy thrillers, but I don’t like gushy horror stories. I love chicklit and young adult books best. Danielle, if you haven’t read this one yet, you should, because it sounds amazing! I love stories that are a little racy. Keeps things adult and interesting.

If you have any recommendations on Audible, please leave them in a comment below. I’d love to check out what other people are reading. I have these two waiting in the wings, but my Audible account goes active again in November. I feel like two backups are a good number for me and will put Audible on hold again or cancel it temporarily. $14.99 is a good price, but not when I am stockpiling books every month. I have enough REAL books waiting….and my virtual kindle ones now that I think of it.

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15 thoughts on “August Listening”

  1. I actually have both of these in print, if I ever get around to reading them I’ll let you know. I know they are turning the Sophie kinsella book into a movie sometime next year so it’s higher on my priority list. The lead girl from the Percy Jackson movies will be the lead. She was also in the newer bay watch movie but I’m guessing you didn’t watch that.

      1. Baywatch wasn’t that great of a movie so I don’t really recommend it anyway unless you’re bored and really want to see zac Efron. It seems like romantic movies are making a comeback and I’m GLAD about it! They’ve added quite a few to Netflix this year, some better than others, but still.

      2. That’s really all hallmark makes though anyway. Some of the Netflix ones have been really good and some have not! I feel like it’s the same with hallmark though. Some are much better than others.

      3. I think my favorite is the Christmas movie the nine lives of Christmas. As for non Christmas ones, i don’t know. I just watched one called the beach house with chad Michael Murray. It was decent enough.

      4. I loved the Last Song! Now, I have to watch it. I am watching A Million Little Things and I really love it. The pilot was a very good episode. Kinda reminds me of an adult PLL but my real life based.

      5. That sounds interesting. I’ve just been watching Halloween movies and sex and the city with my sister. Bobs burgers started up again last Sunday and riverdale comes back on Wednesday. I’m glad everything is coming back on now.

      6. I haven’t watched any of the older ones in ages, but I only watch it when they air on FOX anyway. It’s not on Netflix anymore, it moved to Hulu. I have Hulu but I just never bother watching.

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