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Dean’s ABA Week

Again, this is a loaded ABA post, so I am just going to have a short intro. As you know, I am reorganizing Dean’s room and it got me thinking about my own room and closet. I want to take some of his elements and incorporate it into my own closet. I really like the “sweater” bins and I will be using them to hold all of my jeans. I currently share a closet with my dad and basically my room for him to store his stuff in. Once I buy a house, I will be super happy to have my own bedroom and a separate office if I’m that lucky. I will settle with an office/bedroom combo. I got a massive migraine this weekend, so I didn’t really get stuff in his room done. I did some Christmas shopping instead and I am really happy with my finds. I’ll be sharing them soon.

9/10/18 – Ann

Dean was focused, good communication with pictures and pointing. Lisa from EI did transition planning meeting. List behaviors observed: mouthing, only one flop.

9/11/18 – Ann

Dean was focused and did well on programs. Dentist appointment today. Dean had a good morning. Discussed adding PECS to a second page in the book. Ready for more complex puzzles. Took cup away when throwing. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop.

9/11/18 – Joyce

Discussed programs with family member/therapist/other personnel child ready to move to higher level programming, interlocking puzzles , interactive file folder songs, etc, adding 2D identical matching. Other – Describe: beginning to teach page flip with PeCs book.

9/11/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He was vocalizing more sounds during the session today. Dean had great eye contact. He sat well for activities and enjoyed tickles and bubbles during breaks. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping.

9/12/18 – Ann

Dean was very focused and did well on programs. List behaviors observed: mouth. Dean was very happy and playful, seeking tickles. Did great sitting to complete several toys in a row. Started new number puzzle.

9/12/18 – Deb

Dean did great on programs today. He did great with a few different toys. Dean had great eye contact and pointing. He became tired towards the end of the session. List behaviors observed: mouthing. Dean went to the dentist yesterday. Everything looks good with his teeth.

9/13/18 – Ann

Dean was very focused, attended for longer durations than usual. Dean attended well to all activities. Chose PECS from second page of book. Flipped page independently one time. Ate a large snack. List behaviors observed: mouth.

9/13/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He sat great for activities. We worked on completing various puzzles, Dean did well on them. He had great eye contact when requesting a break. Dean did great pointing also. Dean independently put one pop bead together. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping. Mom reported that Dean has completed his antibiotic.

9/13/18 – Joyce

Other – Describe: staff varying toys, client compliant, worked well with staff, no testing. Child appears to be feeling well and has recovered from recent illness

9/14/18 – Ann

Dean sat for briefer durations, whining and seemed tired. Making lots of eye contact and looking up close at people’s eyes. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean appeared tired. Sat for shorter durations than usual. Starting to link dinosaurs independently.

9/14/18 – Deb

Dean did well, tough beginning of the session but was able to be redirected. Dean had great eye contact today. He did well on programs, independently putting one pop bead together. He did well on the rest of the items. Dean was vocalizing more sounds today. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping.

9/14/18 – Joyce

Assessment or Treatment Planning
New song icons for interactive songs/movement/language for child
Added Escape Frequency Tally to Child’s Behavior Plan
More food icons/photos for PECS book

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