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September Movies

I don’t get to watch movies very often and when I do, it is thanks to Netflix after Dean goes to bed at night. I would love to do this series monthly, but I just don’t watch that many movies in a month. I have collected some movies that I have watched over the past several months. For the most part, I enjoyed all of them. I really do love Netflix, because even if I only watch one movie a month, it pays for itself. I also now have an Amazon Fire Stick, which is great to watch movies as a family on the 40 inch living room screen. If you have any movie recommendations, please leave them below and I will add them to my Netflix to watch list. It is HUGE like my goodreads list that I am still editing. I managed to finish two seasons of my favorite show and I am on the last episode of the last season. I don’t want to watch it, because I don’t want it to end. Does anyone get the same way?

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures

This movie had so much potential after reading the book. This movie was so good for almost the whole thing. They really messed up the ending though, so I didn’t end up enjoying it as much. Also, there is no wolf dog and I would have enjoyed that part of the movie. That dog was such a presence in the book and there were other small but important details missing in the movie. It was a major let down to be honest. They butchered such a great book and I will be reading the rest of this series. I am so glad that they aren’t making anymore of these movies.

2 out of 5 stars

Lost Girl: Season Three


OMG! So much stuff happened in this series and I am totally hooked to the show. I have been watching this every night instead of reading and I just cannot get enough. My fingers are itching to watch season three, but I know that I should get some reading in while I can. I knew a few things were coming, but the show twisted just enough that the reveal was still shocking and slightly different than expected. I love all of the characters and I am invested in all of the story lines. Bo is such a cool kick ass heroine and so far, she has been on the good side or the “light”. Based on how the last episode of the season leaves off, I think her time with the “light” has past and her more evil, sinister side will take over. I think that fairy tail series took there note from this series, because both of their main leads turn “bad”.

5 out of 5 stars

Finding Dory


This was such a cute movie and I loved it so much. I watched this while Dean was napping. My dad was like “Why you watching a kid’s movie?” I told him to shut up. lol. Dean doesn’t watch movies like this yet anyways, unless it is Paw Patrol. He doesn’t understand plot and there were no songs either, unless you count “just keep swimming”. It was super cute to see baby Dory and learn that she was living at like a “zoo” the whole time…aquarium, that’s the word. I totally enjoyed this sequel and really miss this movie. It was the rare sequel that was just as good as the movie.

5 out of 5 stars

Lost Girl: Season Four


I cannot wait to start Season 5. I have never cried so much than during Season 4 of Lost Girl. Two big moments happen and it is just heart breaking. Season 5 is the last season, so I hope that everything ends neatly and all of the loose ends are tied. I have never loved a series more than this one and it was all fun and games until this season. Stuff got real and a show has to be really good to get me to cry. I am so happy that I didn’t do my makeup today. I just watched the finale episode. I don’t want to give anything away, because it is such a great series. I highly recommend it if you are not sensitive to violence or sexy scenes. Honestly, I am going to miss it when I watch season 5.

5 out of 5 stars

Christian Mingle


This was a cute if at times cringey movie about finding God through a dating website. If has the feel of a Hallmark movie, but I think this is a racier element for Hallmark. I don’t think it ever premiered on tv or else, I would have seen it by now. It has my favorite Hallmark actress, but the male lead didn’t really go with her. I just found the whole movie really awkward and a little uncomfortable to watch. It wasn’t too much of a preachy movie and I did enjoy it. It could have been put together a lot better though.

3 out of 5 stars

That is everything that I have managed to watch on Netflix since I lost wrote my movie post. I am very happy with my selection and I am glad that I watched all of them, even my low rated one this time around. I have tons of movies that I want to watch and will probably watch one tonight. I try to make time every Sunday and Monday to watch one movie, even if I watch half one day and the other half the next.

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36 thoughts on “September Movies”

  1. My dad says the same thing about Disney movies but really I don’t know anyone our age who has completely stopped watching them. I feel like they’re more like family movies meant for everyone as opposed to kids movies. I usually watch all of the new animated ones and they’re usually really good, better than most movies made for adults really. There is a new nutcracker movie Disney is doing this year that I’m really excited to watch though that is live action.

    1. But you know, my dad ended up watching it with me and commenting that it was a good movie. I love a movie with a good story that is executed beautifully. The Nemo franchise is still going strong. My favorite character was always Dory.

      1. Of course. Lol. My dad never watches movies with me but always asks what it is and either makes a comment or doesn’t know what it is, usually the latter because my dad knows almost nothing about movies.

      2. Nag other people. Ha. He also likes Facebook and sometimes YouTube videos. And my parents go out to dinner a lot and frequently go away for the weekends now. They’ve gone twice in the past month and a half,

      3. Generally just different hotels is CT on the weekend. I guess they enjoy it so good for them and also good for me and my sister because we can watch r rated movies on the big tv without worrying about them walking in on something. lol.

      4. Hahahaha! It’s a great vacation for you guys then. We are thinking of spending a day in Maine during the holidays, winter of course. The prices to stay a day is only $100, so very affordable.

      5. That would be nice! Dean hasn’t been on any overnight trips yet, right? I haven’t been away in years, probably since elementary school. But I don’t really care, id rather spend the money on something I want than spending money to go somewhere that I won’t be able to sleep at.

      6. Lol. Yeah, he’s never been anyway overnight before. He’s currently not sleeping right now. Lol. But I would plan for him to sleep in bed with me. Nothing puts him to sleep faster.

      7. I figured as much. Oh no! Has he been doing that for a while? I’ve been having trouble sleeping the past few weeks myself but that’s related to school more than anything. Lol

      8. He has a cold so only since Monday. Last night was the first night by himself. He has a hard time falling asleep at night but not for naps. He even gets a bath every night and calming lights. Nothing seems to help him sleep. I’m going to ask his doctor about melatonine to help him fall asleep.

      9. We are going to Walmart tomorrow, I’m picking up our new Kodiak camera! So, I will check in the children section. Because he is so young, it might be something that has to be prescribed.

      10. YES! I got the camera now! Spent $62 with tax. Yes, I use Claratin since he has a prescription for it. It is great for decongestion but can only be used once a day. I generally give it at night for the best relief during the night.

      11. I agree with you. It really only works those first 12 hours, which is why I used it at night. But his cold is almost done now, so that’s a good thing. 🙂

      12. I bought my dad and I a new phone. I got myself the Samsung galaxy S7 and my dad the S3. I paid $25 for his phone and $55 for mine. I had a $10 off coupon code and $18.20 cashback using ebates. So, I only ended up paying roughly $50 for my phone. I basically got my dad’s for free. It’s a pretty neat phone and I got them both really cheap b/c they are refurbished models by Samsung. I am super happy and I can just have my Tracfone service on them.

      13. Beth had an s3 for the longest time because she won it in a contest. It is a good phone and that is a good deal. I think Joanna has the s7 now but I’m not sure. Do you know if the batteries are brand new? I know they can wear out after a while. Though they’re only like $10 to replace so it’s not a big deal. That’s really exciting!!

      14. I assume, since they are refurbished from the company itself, that the batteries are new. I didn’t have a problem with my computer, so I am thinking the phones will be okay since they advertise how long lasting the battery life is. Considering the S9 is the brandnew version from this year, I think I got a great deal on the S7. It’s all those people upgrading their phones. lol. I figure my dad can get along with an older version just fine. He’s excited about the 8 inch screen.

      15. Even though it’s old it’s still a very good phone. I know the touch screen can be sensitive at times, and it’s a really big phone. Probably bigger than your hand. Yay! It will be nice to have a newer one though. You will have to get a cute case! At least for yours, I doubt your dad wants a cute case. lol.

      16. Yes, I need a cute case for sure! And my friend has this game app that I can get and we can play together on lunch at work. Lol. It’ll be here Wednesday!

      17. If you don’t end up finding one by Christmas let me know and I’ll buy you some. Lol. That sounds like fun though! I haven’t played any phone games in a while so if it’s a good one you will have to let me know.

      18. She really likes it, but I’ll have to see myself. It’s an anime Japanese game, so I think it is going to be good. LOL. Okay, I still have all those IPOD cases. I change them periodically. I have you birthday present and I am hoping you didn’t buy what I bought. I have a gift receipt for it though. It’s something you would have bought yourself but I’m hoping you didn’t. If not, you can get something else. lol.

      19. I completely forgot about all of those cases! Those did come in some fun colors though. I’m sure whatever it is will be great! It’s so strange, my dad has mentioned what I want to do for my birthday 3 times over the past weekend, usually he doesn’t remember it’s happening. My mother hasn’t mentioned it at all. It’s like they switched. Honestly I wasn’t going to bother mentioning it to either of them either way. Lol

      20. LOL. Wow! Yes, you will for sure like it. I think you’ve mentioned liking this a million times. It’s new so I bought it. I’m just thinking of the time that I almost bought you the third book in the series and you already had it. lol. Might be something you already have, but it’s the thought that counts! I’m trying to think when we can get together in October and it might be hard. Hmm….I’ll have to see how the end of the term goes. Hopefully the week after your birthday we can get together!

      21. everything is harder on my end with the internship. the only days i’m free anymore are weekends and i have family stuff going on two or the Saturdays this months. we will have to talk about it again when it’s the end of the month.

      22. Maybe the week of Thanksgiving? I have the Wed, Thurs, Friday off. I work from home on Sat. And I have Sunday free. Or even the Sunday before. It would be easy with school b/c I would have so many days to get that week’s work done. Or the last Sunday of October b/c that’s the last day of this semester.

      23. Sunday may be best at this point? Just in general? I’m really free on most sundays so whichever works for you. It sounds bad but I think the only thanksgiving day I will have off is thanksgiving itself. My internship would technically be over by the point which is what I’m sure you’re thinking , and I wasn’t going to bother mentioning this until I saw you in person because I haven’t told anyone besides my sister and I didn’t want to make a big deal, but they’ve actually hired me for some of my hours and plan on keeping me on staff after the internship is over. It’s only 6 paid hours a week for now, which is half of my internship hours roughly each week. It only started last week. I’m 90% sure the library is opened that Friday and 100% sure it’s opened Wednesday, but even if it weren’t most of my cleaning customers usually want me to come the week of Thanksgiving. Or voting day? I think that’s a Tuesday and I don’t clean for anyone that day or go to the library.

      24. Sunday might be the better day in general. I could do voting day, but I have to wait to hear if I’m hired for that job. If I’m not hired, I can take a day off on that day. If I’m hired, I have to save all my PTO for December. AH! That’s exciting! Maybe it will lead to a full time job, if not there, than somewhere else because you are gaining experience. I am super happy for you! Life is looking up for both of us. I just need to get through these college years. I’m on week 6 and I’m getting end of term itis.

      25. When do you hear if you got it or not? I imagine it will have to lead to full time work at some point. We’ve (the library director and myself) have already talked about it. She has the only full time job the library offers but she said I can stay there until I find something else. They say the best way to find another job is to already have one anyway. I’ve lucked out that my internship is going well and I’m working with nice people. Some of my classmates are having bad experiences.

      26. This week or next week. I was supposed to hear last week, but they are still trying to decide. At this point, I think I’ll be passed over, but that is okay. There is always next year to try for a better job. Really? What are their experiences? I am so glad that you are enjoying your internship. 🙂 I’ll be disappointed if I don’t get it, but life goes on. I’ll get my degree and if my current place of employment doesn’t appreciate me (promote me), others certainly will. I do a lot beyond my current job description/pay.

      27. One of my classmates is renovating a school library in Bellingham or some place like that. The librarian she’s working with is unorganized and doesn’t seem to care if she gets the library up and running. My classmate is only working with this one person and is very overwhelmed. The library is also still opened to the kids at the school so everything that may have been organized gets disturbed. It sounds like a nightmare honestly. I hope they aren’t dragging you along like last time! Didn’t they do something similar last year? If it doesn’t happen this year, hopefully next year. You’ve been a good employee and you’ve been there a while. That should count for something!

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