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Dean’s EI Week

I have just put Dean down for a nap and I bought a bunch of Christmas presents at Walmart today. I am very happy with my purchases. I am hoping to get the job as Product Analyst, so I can hopefully buy Dean a refurbished Ipad to play ABC Mouse on. I would also like an Iphone 6, since I haven’t had a new phone in forever and my Ipod touch is on its way out. I’m also hoping that with this new job that I’ll be able to buy a house this year if I see one that I like that fits us as a family. My dad is having foot surgery in December, so if the job happens and we do find a house, I will probably hire a moving company to move us out of this place and into the new place. It’ll be a pretty penny, but there would be no other choice.

9/5/18 – OT

Dean’s eye was cellulitis from a bug bite. He is still on antibiotics but he is also getting a probiotic. Dean did great today. He sat on balance disc to complete several puzzles followed by deep pressure tickles. He also sat in booster seat, when given a choice of two items, he scanned and pointed to desired item. He also signed all done spontaneously several times. HE strung smaller beads onto string independently. He did well with scanning pictures to choose which snack he wanted.

  • Continue to use pictures for identifying choices.
  • Deep pressure squeezes when agitated.

9/16/18 – Speech

Cellulitis on face being treated with Amox. Dean was seen for a visit with Mike. He made lots of nice eye contact and moved his arms to get us out of way. Dean vocalized a lot and needed to move a lot.

I have my fingers crossed for this job. I finally would be paid what I am worth. When I graduate college, I can get an even better paying job as a Data Analyst and then with some experience, I can move on to be a Statistician. Who knows? I might decide to stay on as a Data Analyst, because there are higher tiers within it. I just want to live a comfortable life with a job that I enjoy doing. Then, if I meet a man, it’s cool and if not, I can support my family myself.

With Love,



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