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Dean’s EI Week

Dean has had a busy week. I am still trying to catch up on all the weeks up until where we currently are in October. Doing these posts every other day along with the weekly ABA has got his EI reports behind by almost a month. I am hopeful that they will catch up, because I just have one more week to write before I just have the current one to do. I forgot that EI had Columbus week off, so I don’t have anything for that week. Well, that is much better than I had originally thought. I am working on my last week of school for this term and the next term starts Monday. I have to get my intro post for that semester written and work on the wrap up the following week once all my grades are in. I really enjoyed this semester much better than last semester. This term was more career specific and so if my next semester. Of course, Dean has a bacterial infection on his face where the cellulitis was, except this time it is mrsa, the stronger STAPH strain. It is highly treatable for Dean and he has an ointment to use. My dad and I are both being treated as well as a precaution. He’s a tough little boy, who didn’t cry for the first time when he got his flu shot! We are growing up!

9/24/18 – OT

Dean has speech later and ABA at 4:15 tonight. Dean had an excellent session. He sat on balance disc to complete several activities in a row. He chose which activity to do via pointing. He opted to complete 5 puzzles in a row. Self feeding with spoon. He was able to feed himself whole container with only occasional minimal assistance to try to teach him how to scoop larger bites. He tends to lick items but stops when chewy is offered. He signed more independently about 8 times for more swinging. Worked on receptive language skills, which he did not have when verbally asked for animal when given a choice of two.

  • Continue to have him point to items.
  • Use PECS for eating.

9/24/18 – Speech

“Yum”. “Mom”. Dean was seen at home after a great session with OT. Mike reported that he has been moving a lot since “like a different kid”. It took some time to settle him with deep pressure and a milk bottle. Sucking calms him. Tried “baa, neigh, more”. Dropped off Dean’s Autism DX w/(school) 9/24 at 10:50 am.

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