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5 Out: Product Reviews

It is that time again where I finally wrote about 5 more products in my collection. I am trying to do these posts twice a month, so I am writing 10 product reviews a month. I am behind though, because I have a basket of trash collected from this year that I still have yet to review. Next year when I am concentrating on 19 things instead of 200, I am sure that I will be going through a little less product. I will be working on mostly full and full sized items. Most of it will also be makeup which takes a while to use up. I can take the time next year to finish up the reviews from this year and keep up with next year’s empties. I still use up a lot of items throughout the year, but with having a set goal this year, I was motivated to use products every day and not skimp out most of the time. I am looking forward to enjoying my collection more next year instead of focusing on using up most of my mini products.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser

For a high end cleanser, this was too basic. I expected more from this brand. It didn’t even remove all of my makeup. My Aveeno cleanser did a better job than this one. This mini was overpriced at $10 USD. I do not recommend and I will not repurchase. You can do so much better at the drugstore or Marshalls. I have to say though that it is hard to find cruelty free at the drugstore. The ones that I know offhand for skin care are Alba, Elf, and Burts Bees.

Disney HSM Super Moisturizing Body Lotion

Nearing the end of its life, this body lotion started to turn on me, which is why there is a bit melted to the side. It hardened into the side of the bottle. This was a really light gel-like body lotion that was also very moisturizing. I enjoyed the light sweet scent that I couldn’t place. It didn’t really smell of anything recognizable. It didn’t smell like vanilla, just sweet. It is hard to describe. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it, but it is very good.

Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion

I enjoyed mixing this stuff with my moisturizer. It gave a very subtle lit from within glow. I am starting to mix all of my liquid highlighters in with all of my moisturizers for this glow that I am enjoying so much on my oily skin. You don’t need this particular one. Any liquid highlighter will do. This one gives a nice, healthy pink glow to the skin! I have yellow undertones, so it wasn’t too much pink for my complexion. If I ran out of liquid highlighter and I saw this at the store, I would repurchase it. I do recommend this, but it is very subtle as a highlighter. It is great for those of us that wear minimum to no makeup for a healthy glow.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Light 2 Vanilla

I did not enjoy this under my eyes. I think it made my under eyes dry and did nothing for concealing my dark circles. Powder tends to cling to the concealer making it look like you have dry patches of skin. I used this all over my face as a foundation. It was okay as a foundation, but nothing special. I do not recommend it and I will not be repurchasing anything from Nars as they are no longer cruelty free.

Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding

This did not minimize the appearance of my pores, but it did purify my skin and helped pull out acne. I would not purchase, because I have a few clay masks already that do the same thing. I would purchase from the brand again, but this mask is nothing special. i think I would try their peel off mask, because I have a ton of black heads and I think that type of mask would be more effective for my skin concerns. On the plus side, this mask was very easy to remove with a warm wash cloth.

With Love,



4 thoughts on “5 Out: Product Reviews”

  1. I also want to focus on a smaller amount of products next year too. I want to do 20 by 2020 Project pan.
    I love the idea of 5 reviews twice a month. I feel like sometimes a whole review seems daunting, whereas 5 mini reviews feels way simpler to achieve.
    I’m on the hunt for something that would shrink my pores and get rid of blackheads and I feel like so many products claim to be a miracle for that and end up doing absolutely nothing. At least that Boscia mask felt helpful in some way even if not the intended one.

    1. Oooh, 20 by 2020, I like the sound of that better than 19 in 2019. I might do yours instead. I just want to focus on full size products or hard to use up products like makeup and nail polish. I might post a video in December pulling out the 20 products.

      I love my mini reviews. I don’t have time for indepth reviews like I used to unless it was sent to me to review. I haven’t done a sponsored post in a while though. I was only sent one PR box this year. It is hard enough getting the time to write the mini reviews.

      You know what a dermo recently told me? St. Helena’s green mint Julep mask gets rid of blackheads and reduces pore size and is safe to use everyday. I am throwing it into my Amazon cart the next time I order if I cannot find it in stores. I need to try it for myself.

      1. Oh right, 19 in 2019 doesn’t sound that bad, but the roundness of 20 in 2020 has such a pleasant ring. I’m over the moon excited at the idea of you making a video picking out those 20 products. I’m not brave enough to post a video on it, so I’ll stick to my blog posts, but I cannot wait for your video! ❤
        The shipping fees to get that product to my country are 2 to 3 times more than the actual product :(. Right now I'm using a purifying, renovating moisturizer (Effaclar K+) from La Roche Posay and I can totally see and feel a difference in my skin. The texture has been diminished a lot and it feels so much smoother. Plus it is also mattifying so it's a winner. I'll see if long term it has a great effect on blackheads and pore reducing.

      2. WOW! What a rip off! That sucks. I cannot get my hands on La Roche Posay here. Really good brands should be more accessible everywhere. I have to make the video then. lol. I think I might record on my phone, it has a pretty flattering camera on it.

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