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Dean’s EI Week

I’m writing this on 10/28 and it’ll go up later in the week, but gosh, what a week it has been. I was stressing, because of my history essay final. I wrote 6 pages worth and like a few lines on page 7. I really enjoyed my topic and I will be sharing it on here once everything is graded. I’m the nerd that if I really enjoyed my paper, if it wasn’t an A, I will fix it up with the teachers comments and save it. Yeah, I’m weird, but that is who I am. Anyway, I was also dealing with Dean transitioning into a toddler bed and fixing up his room. Plus, work was a bit stressful due to high volumes. Now, I’m stressed, because of this stupid Precal class. UGH! But I will survive it. I have confidence in myself.

10/10/18 – OT

Dean was happy to see me and gave a big smile. When I sat, he jumped into me. Family still has not heard from school. Dean ate 3/4 bowl of spaghetti using a fork yesterday. Dean did excellent today. He sat on move ‘n sit disc and did a variety of puzzles. Independently stringing smaller animal beads consistently by himself. Swinging, he was able to hand swing picture or singing picture. He was happy with brief periods of eye contact. Shared eye bolt and crisp with Hannah. Left instructions on how to set up and attach swing. Shout a text if can’t figure out how to tie swing.

With Love,



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