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I <3 FALL TAG Collab W/ Ana Marie

Every Monday in November there will be a new tag up on my blog along with a matching post on the lovely Ana Marie’s blog. Read her tag post HERE. We are calling it a month of tags. I hope you all tune in and check out Ana Marie’s blog for her answers to the same tag. She is one of the best friends that I have made on my blog. She is from Romania and that makes us soul sisters! Seriously, she is so sweet. You guys should check her out if you like my content as she does similar things like project pans. Anyone can do any one of these tags. Just please leave a link to your tag, so I can read your responses to the questions. Without further ado, here is the first tag!

1.     Favorite fall lip product?

My favorite Fall lip product is this Anastasia Lip Gloss in Kristen. It is hella pigmented as a true brown nude on my lips. My natural lip color looks like pink lip liner in that pic, but that is just the gloss over my natural lip color. It is a lovely bold gloss for the cooler months. It is for sure a cool lip look and is great with a natural looking face. I also like to wear berries and darker pinks. I like to bust out the dark nudes and my unusual colors. My purple MAC gloss will be worn for sure as well.

2. Favorite Fall Drink?


My favorite drink for Fall is hot chocolate if we are going for a bargain and a hot peppermint mocha coffee if I want to splurge. I am also a sucker for espresso, but that is not Fall related. I have been buying the International Delight Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer since it came out a few weeks ago.

3.     Favorite Fall nail polish?

I am so bad at painting my nails. Seriously, I need to start taking the time to take care of myself. While I am having all of this time off, I will be painting my nails more regularly and having fun with it. I am loving nude nails and cool blue nails this Fall. I love how easy and classy nude nails are. I also love the way blue looks against my skin. If my blue starts chipping, I throw a silver glitter on top to get another week out of them. It also looks very pretty! It’s my Frozen look. I’ll need to look at what other glitters I have, because I think a gold would look very Fall as well. I never go too dark with my nails, because I don’t want to look pale. I like colors that make me look tanner than I am.

4.     Favorite Fall candle?

I am loving this candle from B&BW that I got in last year’s Black Friday bag. It is in Champagne Toast and while more Winter than Fall, this is the candle that I am loving and burning during the Fall. I will be saving this to reuse the jar. It is too pretty to throw away. I might keep all my lip products in it or something. It could be really cute to hold cotton balls/pads too. It is so pretty and it smells so good. I highly recommend that you give it a sniff if it comes back this year. I might buy the Black Friday bag again this year. It is a great deal at $30 full price or $25 if you purchase $35 worth of product. You get a lot more than $30 worth but it wasn’t quite the number that they claimed last year.

5.     Haunted house, haunted hayride or haunted corn maze?

Hmm…. I don’t do scary stuff, so possibly a haunted hayride. Things can’t touch you or anything and you are next to other people, not by yourself. It feels safer. I am not much of a Halloween person. It was fun when I was a kid, but now that I am an adult, Halloween isn’t about candy. People actually practice Satanic rituals on that day… I’d rather not be out during that time. But of course, when Dean is old enough and wants to trick or treat, I would take him to a Halloween party or something.

6.     Favorite scarf/accessory for Fall?

Ummm……OOOH! I know! I just bought these cute shoes! These are BearPaw boots, specifically the Treasure boot in Taupe size 9. They came in a nice sturdy box and only cost me $65 because I had a $20 off of my order coupon. I just love them. I love these types of boots and they are naturally water repellent. I still like to spray them to waterproof them though. I will be wearing these all Fall, all Winter, and all Spring. Seriously, I never want to take these boots off. They are so me!

7.     Favorite candy?

Is this a general question or a fall related question? If we are talking generally, I love
Ferroche chocolates which are the hazelnuts dipped in chocolate with a wafer then more chocolate rolled in chopped up hazelnuts. I guess, they are a Fall/Christmas choice, too. I love them year round, but any really good chocolate will do. I don’t 

8.     Your favorite horror movie? 

I don’t have a favorite horror movie. I don’t really watch horror movies. I mean, I watch maybe a couple every year. I don’t have a favorite. I’ve never watched the same one more than once. I am more of a thriller girl.

9.     Favorite blush for Fall?


I love a good nude blush for fall or a nice berry color if you are going with a neutral lip instead of a bold lip. I am currently loving this Tarte Amazonian Blush in Paarty, which was the Sephora BI birthday gift last year. I love wearing bold Fall lips, so my blush tends to be neutral. For work, I usually have nude lips, so I could wear a berry blush if I wanted. I have been into a more sunkissed gel blush for work though that I am trying to use up, so I didn’t include a picture of the berry blush. I love this Tarte formula, but not loving Tarte’s ethics right now.


My favorite thing about Fall is the fresh, crisp air when it starts to get a little chilly. I love when all the leaves start changing colors and falling to the ground. I love putting the fireplace on and needing to get a little warmth to ward off the chill. I love drinking hot chocolates and watching the holiday Hallmark movies of which there are 22 new ones this year. AND CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY IS IN ONE!

Tune in next Monday for another tag!
With Love,

26 thoughts on “I <3 FALL TAG Collab W/ Ana Marie”

  1. This is a fun tag! I feel like I’m bad at fall things because I don’t really like fall. I also don’t like outdoor haunted activities either. Not that I’ve ever been to one but I’m not going to pay to have people jump out at me. I startle to easily anyways.

    1. Yeah, I was like well a hayride should be the safest one to choose. lol. I would never actually do one though, well, maybe an unhaunted one. 🙂 Why don’t you like Fall?

      1. Everything dies in fall, it’s the beginning of the cold, we lose light. It has nothing to offer me! If I had to rank the seasons it would be summer, spring, fall , then winter. I know a lot of people love it but it’s not for me. Lol.

      2. Just in the morning though. Yesterday I was in the library at 4:30 and it was already pitch black! It was sad. I know a lot of other people have an issue with it getting dark so early. I could do without the hour of light in the morning.

      3. Me either. I don’t think that many people want the extra hour of light in the morning, but in the middle of the day when just about everyone would be awake and up and about. My brain starts to shut down when it gets dark, I don’t want to he falling asleep when I’m supposed to be working. Last night I was at the library til 8:00, but it felt like 9:00 and I spent the last hour yawning! Lol

      4. Yea, I think it’s more enjoyable. Even if you like mornings, you’re usually getting ready to do something else, whereas at 5 or 6 at night the day is winding down and you’re probably not heading out, I think they want to get rid of daylights savings time and I hope it eventually happens!

      5. So fall is your least favorite to then? It’s so miserable out today! I’m glad I got my voting over with earlier this morning. The polling place is literally down the street so that was nice.

      6. Yes, just because Summer is SO nice, Winter is Dean’s birthday, Spring in Mine, and Fall is just the last one left. I like the crisp air of Fall but nothing really happens. It’s not that exciting.

      7. I guess I don’t care enough about my birthday to have fall be my favorite season. It’s just one day. I also just don’t find my birthday that exciting anymore anyway.

      8. I love my birthday, because I treat myself, plus Spring is really close to Summer and it starts getting warmer out. The flowers are blooming. So pretty! But yeah, Fall is kinda dreary.

      9. Yes, I like when it starts to warm up too. The weather is so strange, it was relatively mild yesterday, now it’s cold again, and I think it will be in the 30s next week. I have started organizing my closet for winter because I just painted it. Well the whole room actually, but the closet too. Everything had to come out! I’m still putting my room back together, it’s a giant mess.

      10. Well, my room looks like a bomb exploded. I will for sure be taking some time to clean the house up during my time off besides school. I want to deep clean every room. I’ll start with my room, the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and end with Dean’s room. I got a lot of stuff cluttering the place up.

      11. Same, though I repainted so everything has been shuffled around, in hoping to put together the whole thing this weekend. I definitely need to deep clean to. I found so much stuff that I really don’t need while moving furniture. I’ve got to go through it bit by bit I gusss.

      12. I’m getting a swifter duster since everything is so dusty. It will be easier to dust then disinfect. I’ll be doing that from November til Feburary. lol. Hopefully, not that long, but you get the idea. With Dean and work and college, it’s gonna take some time. I feel like my room, the bathroom, living room, Dean’s room, will be the easiest. The Kitchen will be the most time consuming with cleaning all the cabinets and everything.

      13. I think swiffer dusters are good for hard to reach places, but otherwise I’ve found that it’s easier to dust with a slightly dampened rag. Those dusters don’t do as good a job as they are marketed to do and sometimes leave dust behind. I think it’s because it only gently touches the surface. But it also depends on the surface too. If it’s slightly rough it may just make the dust clump up. I tried using one on our tv once and that’s what happened. I’m really hoping my family gets a new tv by the end of this year, it’s slowly dying, same with our DVD player.

      14. I’m thinking with our surfaces it will be better to interchange them. Like on the toilet and counters, it tend to clump up, so I am hoping that the swifter duster will be able to remove the dust, so I can them go in and disinfect without a ton of clumpy dust. For the most part, I think the duster will work, but I have to try and see first. That sucks! I’m glad that we have generally good tvs currently.

      15. I usually wash my whole toilet area down with a bucket of water w/ Lysol and a rag. The top, tank, around the bowl, etc. it makes it much easier to pick up dust and does a better job cleaning the whole thing. The tv was from one of Evans friends and is almost 20 years old. My dad alway talks about replaceing it because it wastes electricity (idk how true that is). I’m going to try to urge him to pick one up during Black Friday sales, or even send me out with his debit card to pick one up.

      16. That is something to keep in mind, though I do think he would have to be there to use it. Which is a toss because he’s been on 3rd shift multiple times, sometimes randomly.

  2. OMG, those shoes are adorable!!! I need a pair for myself! And that candle is so cute and sparkly! I bet it smells delightful ❤ Thank you for coming up with the idea of a collab and for doing it with me, you're the best! *hugs*

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