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October Semester

Okay, my October term started on 10/29 and I really started it the day before with looking at what was to come. I am so nervous about one class this semester and I am glad that I basically have a good part of December off due to my dad’s surgery for it. I also have just discovered that I have a good part of November off as well. I will even be able to work from home in January, so I am very happy about my little vacation from work this year. I am writing this on November 1st and I am currently suffering from a Crohn’s medical complication. I am on antibiotics and steroids. I am doing well but as you can imagine, I am very uncomfortable. Working on my blog and school work gives me something to focus on during my day off.

MAT 140 – Precalculus

Yep, the class that I fear is this one. I am so nervous about this class, but so far it is going great. The first week hasn’t been as hard as I thought. I just have to make sure that I work on my weekly problems early on in the week. I am sure that explaining my thought process to solve a problem will be difficult for me to write or challenging, but I am confident that I will be able to keep up with this course to be successful. I have already earned 100/1000 points for completing a quiz and the initial assessment. I get 75 points every week that I do the problem set for the week. The final test is worth 155 points and the project is worth 100. Doing the problem sets every week is critical for success since it is weighted for 75% of the course. I have complete confidence that I will pass this course and I might even get an A. We shall see.

DAT 210 – Foundation to Data Analytics

AKA a business proposal course. This doesn’t really touch much on Data Analytics. It is more of a project management class on how to construct a business proposal for a business question that you want to answer to resolve a business issue. How it relates to data analytics is you have to gather data and analyze the results of that data. It is a lot of little papers, I think there are 5 little papers that break down the big project. Then, you put them all together for the final. Along the way, there are chapter readings each week and discussions that you need to post and respond to. I don’t think that this will be a difficult class as long as I keep up with it. I am very good at writing and forming plans. It will give me good real world experience.

I think this will be an easy term overall for me. Yes, Precal is going to be very challenging but I can handle it. It is funny how the Freshman class is going to be harder than the Sophomore class. As long as I give myself plenty of time to do the problem sets in math, I think that I will have an easy term. I might even be able to work ahead this term, because the assignments are less than previous classes. There is only a chapter read once a week for the data class, but no reading for math. It is built into the problem sets which makes it very convenient. I am looking forward to another great term!

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3 thoughts on “October Semester”

  1. Good luck! Being organised from the outset and keeping up with the weekly tasks helps so much in terms of getting stuff done.

    Maths is the hardest part for me in terms of what I have to do on my course. Some of the explanations in the book make no sense to me, but fortunately my boyfriend can explain it better lol!

    1. Thank you! That is why I love the ALEKS platform that my college uses. It really breaks down the problem set up set and explains it to you. Plus, there are videos for almost every problem as well and even an option to see alternative explanations for some problems. Also, when you are doing your problems, if you don’t understand the equation, you can chose the explain option and it will break down the problem for you. Every question is instantly graded as you go and to move on from one concept you need to get 5 green bars (first right counts as one, 2nd counts as 2, but if you get one wrong, you lose a point). I really love this way of learning, it could be why I am feeling confident about it!

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