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Dean’s EI Week

It is currently November 8th and there is only a month and a half of EI left. I’ll have less Dean related stuff to talk about here on this blog on a regular basis. It will return to a weekly, possibly biweekly at times, update. I am happy that this chapter is coming to an end for Dean. While we are sad that his OT will be stopping, we didn’t care for his speech therapist, who really didn’t work that hard to get him to speak. She literally did nothing most of the time with Dean. She didn’t bring any toys. She talked about nonrelated crap. She was/is basically a terrible speech therapist and has the reputation as one as well. So, we are sad and happy at the same time. Like the session below, was her on the phone for the whole session….literally, an hour.

10/15/18 – Speech

Dean is pointing and using more and all done sign more independently. When he wants to swing, he points to what he wants. Dean was seen at home with Hannah. Family has scheduling concerns due to upcoming health concerns that need to be addressed. This therapist called school today and left a message requesting all meetings done by Thanksgiving. Requested pep be given to school.

10/17/18 – OT

Hannah reported Dean was tired for ABA this morning, but when they left, he was full of energy. Dean did well today. He signed more a few times spontaneously to get more puzzle pieces. He needed a lot of input today and did a lot of jumping on trampoline. He did excellent requesting of puzzle pieces via pictures. Continues to do well with puzzles and bead stringing.

  • Continue sensory play interspersed with adequate directed activity.
  • Continue pictures to request toys/food.

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