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Dean’s EI Week

I am writing this on 11/10/18 while Dean is taking a rare nap in his room and I have a few spare moments to myself during my lunch until I have to punch in to work from home. Dean has come a long way with Early Intervention and it is getting close to the end. I have yet to receive a confirmation from his health insurance that he is being renewed next year. Else, I have to add him onto my work plan next year and it will be shittier insurance. Not to mention that adding him will add $110 on to my current plan. That means that every paycheck, I will be paying $235 for our health insurance. That is close to a third of my paycheck. That means that most of his SSI check would be going to his health insurance, leaving me again with nothing. Also, since I don’t get his SSI two months out of the year because I make too much money, that means that on those months that I will be getting $330 less out if my paycheck. That is like 40% of my paycheck. I am scraping it together as is. Hopefully, when I call on Monday, he will still have coverage next year and the crisis can be diverted.

10/22/18 – Speech

Dean continues with ABA services. Joyce is leaving and Jolene will take over. Dean sat and strung beads. He pointed to his choice. Therapist modeled “I want ___” and animal sound. With bubbles, we said “pop, pop”. Dean said “pop” 1x. Modeled “more” with sign and helped him with hand over hand.

  • Dean requires a lot of sensory input.

10/24/18 – OT

Dean had a busy am with ABA. Joyce will be leaving as supervisor. ABA workers will remain the same. Dean is scheduled for play based assessment. Dean did excellent today. Greeted me with good eye contact and big smiles and wanted a big hug. Dean sat and completed several manipulatives, puzzles, shape sorter, and bead stringing. He did excellent handing over pictures to request more shapes. Swinging in swing, he fell asleep.

  • Continue to use pictures for him to ask for things.
  • Can take pictures of tv shows to print pictures of so he can request

With Love,



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