Beauty, Manicure Monday

January Manicure #2

My goal was to paint my nails 4 times this month and so far, I only managed to do them 2x. I plan to paint my toes Sunday and my nails, so hopefully I commit to that to achieve the 4x a month that I want to rotate through. This nail polish will be another one that I am keeping in my collection, because of how beautiful it looks on. It chips within 24hrs and is gone in only a few days. Its really an event polish or a sparkly topcoat over a different color. This is OPI Katy Perry Last Friday Night.

I’m a fourth of the way through the bottle and the above photo is with 2 coats of polish. It was a very easy glitter to remove, no trouble at all. In fact, I didn’t even have to use any remover. The polish literally popped off my fingers like I used a peel off base coat. So, this polish might have some kind of coating that makes it super easy to remove, which is also a pro to keeping it around.

With Love,



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