Misfits Market 1st Delivery

Okay, so I wanted to save money on groceries and time spent at the store. The first website I looked at didn’t deliver to where I live and then, I found Misfits Market. I paid $30 for 18 to 20 lbs of mixed seasonal produce with a 25% off discount code. This will normally be $34 plus $4.50 shipping, so $38.50 every two weeks. If I find that we are using it up faster, I could switch to every week or purchase the smaller package for every two weeks to supplement and alternate. The smaller package is 10 to 12 lbs for $19 plus $4.50 shipping, so a total of $23.50 every two weeks. We could end up doing this. We will see. Our diets are mostly fruit/veggies, dairy, and meat with some junk food thrown in. I’m trying to cut down on carbs, but will still purchase for Dean. I don’t believe in limiting my child’s food intake, because of my personal lifestyle choices. Again, this was super easy to order from using the company’s website.

So, here is what my first delivery looks like, what I got, and my thoughts on it.

Okay, we got a whole bunch of produce that was still cool when it got here on a Tuesday afternoon. I will preface this by saying that I did switch us to the shipment of $38.50 every week. We both eat a ton of produce, so this seemed like a reasonable decision. Also, THIS IS ALL ORGANIC! It makes the box worth 100% more. No pesticides or toxins on any of our veggies or fruits! We will be lifelong customers. You don’t get to chose any of your produce, but we don’t mind making different recipes, plus I will be making a veggie garden for ones that are staples. I will breakdown what we got below, but we are very happy! Everything is super fresh and this was more like 70 to 80% off what we would have spent at Walmart. It’s enough for a week for a party of 2 that loves veggies. I am looking forward to making a batch of Kale chips and having it with salsa and hummus. For us, that is less than $80 every pay period on produce. We highly recommend that you try this service out if they deliver to your area.


Two Bunches of Kale: Will make 2 batches of Kale Chips. 🙂 Yum!


6 Orange Peppers: Two of them are HUGE and the rest are a good size. I have plans on making many recipes with peppers. I am thinking about making stuffed peppers specifically with the smaller ones and using the bigger ones for salads and recipes.


2 Bags of Green Beans: These will be great steamed on the side of other dishes and possibly making a green bean casserole.


4 Sweet Potatoes: I plan on making sweet potato fries with the two long ones and possibly a soup or baked sweet potatoes with the others.


2 Turnips: I am not the biggest fan of this vegetable whatsoever, but I found two different recipes that I would like to try with turnips. One is a sort of turnip potato salad that sound interesting. The other is of course, a turnip soup that sounds divine. Hopefully, they taste yummy.

2 Bunches of Spinach: These are perfect to cut up to have in a sandwich or a salad.


8 Apples: I love apples and they are great with peanut butter. It’s a really healthy filling snack.


4 Large Oranges: Dean and I already shared one and it was super tasty. It wasn’t too sweet and wasn’t tart. It was the perfect balance. It tastes like orange juice, so I would say that it is just a regular orange.


2 Acorn Squashes: I am looking forward to making a “pumpkin pie” with my squash. We all know that the canned pumpkin is actually just spiced squash.


2 Bundles of Parsley: This is great to add to many dishes. I have a small container that I will chop all of this up into for easy access during cooking.

That is everything that we got this week in our 18 to 20 lb box of produce. I have to say that it seems like a lot of food, but I know that within a week, this will all be cooked, eaten and gone. As I type this we have already eaten 1 orange and 1 bunch of kale. It is super delicious. We had kale chips with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. I cannot wait to do more cooking now that we have actual food in the house. It is simply amazing.

With Love,



2 thoughts on “Misfits Market 1st Delivery”

  1. The contents of this box looked amazing! It seems like such a good choice, since it also pushes one out of their comfort zone having to incorporate vegetables that they wouldn’t purchase otherwise. Now you have to show us the amazing recipes that you make using these box. ❤

    1. I made Kale chips, stuffed peppers, a salad with the peppers and spinach. Making sweet potato fries tonight. I am trying to sprinkle in my recipes here and there. I have 3 in the works now. lol.

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