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Not Your Average Wishlist

So, my tastes are ever evolving and changing. I develop new hobbies and likes as often as the sun sets and the moon rises. I am going to share a few of the things that I am into now, since my birthday is around the corner. I will eventually buy these things for myself if they are still on my radar when I have the cash. I do like to indulge myself every once in a while and by that, I mean a lot lately. It will simmer down soon enough, especially since I will be paying out of pocket for daycare at least two days a week until I am off the waiting list for a child care voucher. Enough of that though, let’s look at the things that I’ve been side eyeing lately….. all on Etsy. It’s all a vintage trend. Been feeling it lately and I am loving the aesthetic.

Baby Blue Typewriter. Working Remington Vintage Typewriter. Retro writer’s tool. Working Typewriter with case.

image 0

Leather journal

image 0

Du Barry Richard Hudnut dance compact Chatelaine Original box

image 0

Marcella Borghese Eye Shadow – Platinum Oro Tone – New Old Stock

image 0

Vintage Gold Revlon Makeup Compact with Mirror Vintage Revlon Love Pats Cream Beige Powder Compact

image 0

Elegant makeup mirror with powder, vintage unused

At this point, I decided to start adding items to my cart for my birthday, since I am really passionate about collecting vintage makeup that mean a lot to me. When I buy a house and have an office, I want to have a vintage vanity and my vintage makeup decorated on it as a show piece. It makes me so happy and I just want to collect it all. I really don’t need any new makeup, skincare, or anything. Instead of doing hauls for my birthday that I had planned, I ended up filling a cart full of Esty items. I am looking for very particular vintage makeup items. Basically, I am looking for new-old stock, which is old vintage pieces that have never been opened or used. Not going to lie, I plan on opening them to see what they look like and the texture of the products. Since everything is sealed, they are probably safe to use, but I don’t think I’d be that brave to use them.

I also plan on buying a vintage vanity, chair, tray, hairbrush, and other antique holding trays. There are lipstick holders and makeup cases. I am just starting out small with the vintage makeup and I already have a vintage hand held mirror plated in real sterling silver. This is just something that has always interested me, but I just didn’t know you could buy some on Etsy. I plan on putting a ton in my save for later and in my cart for when I have the money to purchase pieces of interest. I have a blast just window shopping at all of it. I am excited to have a new hobby: vintage makeup collector. Also, believe it or not, but not all of these pieces are super expensive. I do have my eye on some very pricey items, but all in due time.

With Love,



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