IT 235: Database Design

Let’s start off with the good news: I completed this course with an A. My GPA is steady at 4.0 at SNHU. I am hoping to keep it that way for as long as possible. This course was a reading/book heavy course with long chapters. There were almost weekly discussion posts, which I find EXTREMELY easy to write. You also had to post 2 responses to 2 different peers, which isn’t that hard as well. There were two assignment activities, which again, were easy As for me and only took 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Then, there were the 3 parts to my big Final project. The first part was drafting out my database design in words like the goals, objectives, and restrictions of the database. The second part of the assignment was designing the database: deciding the important entities and attributes, outlining the important pairings, and designing the actual database using the normalization process. The last part of the paper was designing the final database (based on the feedback from the other two parts of the paper) and commenting on whether you achieved your design goals that you had outlined at the beginning of the paper. Overall, this class was very easy to me. The most time consuming part was reading the chapters and taking notes.

The next class that I am taking starts May 6th and it is DAD 220: Introduction to SQL.

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