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What I Received on Mother’s Day

I am so blessed and so lucky to be recognized on Mother’s Day. It was wonderful of my mom to get me a present “from Dean” and it was really touching. I had to work my 12 hour shift on Mother’s Day, so it was nice of my mom to come by after work and spend a couple of hours with us. On a similar note, except to see a similar post for birthday presents. It’s the thought that counts, but I ALWAYS love everything that I am gifted. I am just so lucky to be surrounded by people who love me now.


Dean smashed my coffee cup a few days after moving into the new place. My mom bought me this one to replace the old one. It’s a major upgrade, because I love this one 100x better than the old one that I had. It’s blush pink and rose gold, going perfectly with my office theme colors. The saying on it is also 100% true.

These stack bracelets were also a gift from my mom. I don’t wear jewelry that often anymore, but I can see myself wearing these. They are in one of my favorite colors (purple) and look pretty on. I have a few shirts that these would look nice with. They aren’t cheap looking bracelets and you can wear them stacked or individually.

I am officially a size small now. My mom got me this shirt that says “Espresso Yourself” at Kohl’s. Even with a black bra underneath, this shirt is not see through. It is super soft and comfy. My hair is getting really long and I am growing out my bleached hair. I need to refresh my blue color but I am loving my natural dark blonde roots coming in. My natural hair looks so much darker compared to my bleached end colored in a light blue/green. It’s no secret that I have struggled with my weight, so it feels good to be a size small. A size that I have never been before. I still exercise 2 hours a week and I feel better than I have in a long time. Still considering chopping my hair off though.

With Love,



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