I’m Back…..Again

Hello all my blogger friends out there!

Where do I begin? So much has happened in all of the time that I have left this blog working on healing myself and building new relationships, while saying goodbye to toxic ones. It’s been four months no contact with the most toxic person of my life and I couldn’t be happier. I can finally breathe again. My boyfriend and I are still going strong and now I have his ten year old daughter to call my own. I am still going to college. In fact, I am over half way through my Calculus class. I discovered that I love to cook and I have a natural talent for it.

I have subscribed to a ton of boxes and now I only get FABFITFUN and HELLO FRESH for now at least. I started a new job as a Claims Representative for Massachusetts car accidents for car damage. I am in a healthy relationship and I’m finally happy with my life and with myself. I don’t promise to blog every week, but I will blog when the mood strikes me. I’ll be less of a stranger for sure and more active even if just reading and commenting.

I’ve missed my blog and my friends here, but I needed a break. My passion for blogging and this site has returned. I just made a Sephora order for myself and my daughter Jenna and her mom, Heather, who is starting to be my best friend. I love that woman. So, I’m not gonna share what I bought, since I bought kits to breakdown as I only wanted one or 2 things from each kit for myself.

I have pared down my makeup collection completely. I gave all my excess to my daughter to play with. Yup, she is playing with Becca highlighters and MAC lipsticks. I bought her the TOO FACED SWEET PEACH eyeshadow palette for her birthday that I found at Marshall’s for a steal. I also moved AGAIN! We moved into the bigger upstairs apartment this past month. I’ve been happily Christmas shopping as I have money now that someone isn’t taking every penny from me. I’ve spoiled the kids, myself, and other people who have supported us this year.

There is just too much for me to share. Plus, we got a HUGE snowstorm and I ended up staying home today. I also won transportation to school from his daycare which was a big battle. So, my little boy is going to school starting in the Spring! I am so proud of him and HE”S STARTING TO TALK! My little nonverbal boy is starting to chat back with me or answer me or give me SASS! I love it! I love my son so much. His autism has been such a gift to me. He’s getting me too speak up for myself and his rights. He has turned me into an activist for autism children rights. I have been helping over parents craft letters to the school to get special needs transportation. The school preaches that our children need Speech and Occupational therapy, but then, don’t give the kids transport to get those services. End rant.

With Love,



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