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I am finally getting around to posting again after the holiday season. My new schedule is one post a week and if I post more, it is just a bonus. I am so happy with my Winter FITFABFUN box! To be honest, this is the only subscription box that I am 100% satisfied with and one that I do not see myself unsubscribing for a good while. I am saving up for a year subscription for another subscription company that I want to try, but I can only afford one recurring subscription. I don’t want to stretch myself too thin financially.

The two codes above are free for anyone to use that wants to use them. I love the little magazine that comes with every box. They show all the options for the box and the prices. It also has recipes and other little articles that I enjoy reading. I am a seasonal member, which means that I get charged per box and I get less choices than a Select member (charged annually). I pay with my local state tax $53.11 per box and my box is always at least quadruple that value. The next billing period for the Spring box is in March and by then, I think I can upgrade to the SELECT membership as I’ll be able to afford paying for it annually which would equal to almost 1 free box a year compared to what I pay now for 4 boxes.

PJ Salvage Faux Trim Cable Slippers M/L $45

These are listed by FITFABFUN as $45 and they pretty true to price. I found these on Nordstrom rack with the original price of $44 for the white and on sale for $15, but they are already sold out. These are SUPER comfy and stylish slippers. They have memory foam and I have a height increase with these on that I don’t feel with other slippers. That is how cushiony and supportive these slippers are. I chose these slippers to be added to my box and I am happy that I made that choice.

frank body Original Coffee Scrub $16.95

This is true to price and is the exact price listed on the website itself. I haven’t tried this yet as I have a ton of scrubs in the wings. I only use a scrub before I shave my legs in the winter. In the summer, I use a scrub 2x a week to get rid of flaky, dry skin and to keep everything looking smooth. I look forward to using this, but I know that coffee scrubs are super messy. It might be the last scrub that I open this summer as I have others that aren’t made of coffee grounds. I might use this as a more targeted treatment on cellulite areas and less all over the body.

MakeUp Eraser in Original Pink $20

This is $20 at Ulta, so another true to price item. I always check external sites, because I have occasionally found a price that was inaccurate. This works like friggin’ magic! I even use this to apply my toner at night instead of using disposable cotton rounds and it is great for that as well. This works great on my eye makeup as well. I just press and hold after using warm water before gently rubbing against my eyelid as to not tug on it too much. It works like magic. This is a great gift idea for young girls! I will be buying one for my daughter for sure!

Rodial Soft Focus Glow Drops $55

The site doesn’t sell these in a full size, but all the other full sized bottles similar are listed at $89 and on sale currently for $53. I don’t believe the listed price on FITFABFUN is too far off as these most likely sell for $53 and no one buys them at $89 and it is a UK brand. I haven’t tried this primer yet as I have two other minis open at this time. Once I use those up, I will be giving this one a try. I will be posting my project pan for 2020 in the next coming week as I am really excited. I have already finished up quite a few items in my collection in 12 days and I look forward to using up more. The bottle is super pretty and minimalistic which is an aesthetic I enjoy.

Kate Somerville® Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream $65

I had to double check this price tag, but I already knew this one to be true. I would never pay this much for a basic moisturizer, which is what this is. Is it moisturizing? Yes, but there is nothing truly special about it that it needs to be that high in price except for the name. I will not repurchase, but it is a really great moisturizer that I enjoy using. I use this after intensive masks or paired with a retinal serum.

LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt $28

On Sephora, this is $24, but on the brand site it is $28. I like using this as a nourishing face mask for when my face really needs a nice overnight moisturizer. This will last a long while for me as I have oily skin, but this also came in handy on Dean’s chapped face from his colds in December/January. I am glad I have something like this in my bathroom cabinet for when I need it.

Drybar Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler $23

This price is accurate as well on the Sephora and Dry Bar website. I have a detangler on its last legs and then I am switching to an Aveda one that I have had in my backstock for a bit. This will be going into my backstock until it is time for a new detangler. I am glad to be trying more drybar products as I am interested in the brand. I can never have too many detanglers/leave-in conditioners as I am in the process of going platinum. I don’t heat style my hair a lot, but when I do, I like to know that these have heat protectants built into them. No extra step necessary.

Cuccio Somatology™ CALM + CLEAN Epsom Salt Hand and Body Wash $39.95

Yes, this is really that expansive FOR A HAND SOAP. I dislike lavender, so I won’t use this on my body. I read reviews that the scent is very mild, so once our hand soap is out, I will put this out for us to use up. I will not purchase this as $40 for a handsoap is too rich for my blood. Hell, I don’t even buy hand soap from B&BW, except for the semi-annual sales.

The price for this box $292.90. Out of all the products, the one thing that I’m not crazy about is the hand price, but that has more to do with the crazy price than anything. I love this box as I will use everything and not give anything away. I will be getting the full value out of this box. It was very much worth it.

Did you love your box this season?

With Love,



2 thoughts on “FITFABFUN: WINTER BOX”

    1. Yessss! With the Spring box, I will have had it for a year ie 4 boxes. I love the variety. I got body, makeup, skincare, hair care, and lifestyle items. I got a new straightner and Im hoping to get a new blow dryer as well as an option. Those two items died on me last year.

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