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20 in 2020: January Recap

I realize that I haven’t written a post in the past two, going on three weeks. I haven’t written to the point that WordPress now has a new style for their editor. So to recap, it’s been a hot minute since I last wrote. Now, I am back with an update to my 20 in 2020 project. I am going to show you my empties and give you a review of it. At the end of the post, I will display the number of full-sized products I have used up towards my 20 in 2020 and the monetary amount.

I will also show any significant progress in my collection like windows into products or pan showing in anything. I am also going to show you at the end, the makeup that I will be working on this month as I thought that would be fun to include! But this will be in a separate post as this empties post is long this month!


I used up this full sized face mask from L’Oreal called Pure-Clay Purify & Mattify Face Mask. This mask really took the junk out of my pores. It tightened on the skin, but drew out all of the impurities. It had a cooling effect on the skin that I quite enjoyed. The only drawback to this mask is that removing it is a pain. It dries down so much that it physically hurts to remove and takes a lot of effort. I would not buy this mask (it was a birthday gift), but it is a good purifying mask.

I have used up 2 packages of cleansing cloths from ELF and a sheet mask for hydrating the skin. My thoughts on the sheet mask are that the face cloths are very saturated and fit my face very well. I enjoy a nice wet sheet mask that I can lay back and relax with for a half hour. I then use the serum the next few nights and get extra skincare usages that way. For the makeup wipes, let me start off by saying that I don’t know how well these do with removing makeup. I use these in the morning when I wake up to refreshen my face after sleep. I do an intensive night routine, so all my face needs is a refresh in the morning. These don’t leave any residue or tackiness or an oil. They are always wet with solution that I can still use the cloth to wipe my fingers on after applying primer and foundation. They have a light scent that doesn’t bother me and the cloth itself was nice and soft.


I have used up three haircare products in the month of January. I used up a shampoo, conditioner, and detangler. The Herbal Essence Body Envy Shampoo went surprisingly fast. I have oily hair and I felt that this shampoo wasn’t getting my hair as clean as it needed to be. I used a clarifying shampoo first and then would layer this shampoo on top for a boost of volume. It doesn’t give crazy volume, but it did give me a good boost. I also used up the OUAI HAIRCARE Leave In Conditioner. This is lightly moisturizing in a convenient spray if you like sprays. I don’t really enjoy leave-in conditioning sprays. I’d rather use a lotion or cream or mousse. As far as moisturizing goes, I have had better and I wasn’t at all impressed with this especially for the price. I used it up, but I would not repurchase. The last full sized product that I used up was Naturally Silk Elements Deep Nourishing Conditioner. This was an okay deep conditioner. It was too thick for my thin hair, so I didn’t have to use much of this to moisturize my hair. However, I felt this wasn’t as moisturizing as other products. My hair was still frizzy after use and a good conditioner will smooth out my frizz. I used it up, but I found a different conditioner that doesn’t weight my hair down and gives a smooth look to my hair.

I used up 4 samples this month as well. The Dr. Jart+ samples, I got in a Sephora order, but there was only one use in each pack, not enough for an opinion. I got the packet of deep conditioner with my Arctic Fox hair color and it was bomb as f. I got the moisturizer sample from my birth control subscription service. I switched services though and don’t get any goodies with the new one. The new one I get my depo shot though, so I can give myself shots at home every three months for no babies.

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $58

Total Full-Sized Products Used Up: 7/20

Total Makeup Products Used Up or Hit Pan In: 0/20

Overall, I think that I did great for the month of January! I have no doubts that I will use up 20 in 2020 and if I keep using up at least $50 a month, I will have used up at least $600 completing my $500 goal by the end of the year. So, to make things more interesting, I want to use up and/or hit pan in 20 makeup products this year. I have a good amount of minis and full sized items in my collection, but if I can hit pan or use up 20 products this year, that is 20 out of my collection and well loved products. I would be happy with that.

With Love,



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