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February Makeup Basket

I need to get more in line with my posting schedule, but I have a lot of events and projects going on in my life right now. I am going to try to “catch up” my weekly posts, because I think it is very therapeutic to post once a week. I need to think of it as mental health time and make the time for it. I got a new job! This past week, I have been training to be a Total Loss Adjuster. I was already a Physical Damage Claims Adjuster for auto accidents in Massachusetts. Now, I deal with totaled vehicles in all states minus the big 5 or 6 that you need licenses for. The job is a lot easier than my last one. It consists of working the file or what we like to call our first report, making the settlement call, chasing the bank if there is a lien or if the vehicle is leased, paperwork and mailing, and cutting checks. The hardest part is the negotiation on settling the actual cash value of your vehicle. It’s been fun!

Next, I have been continuing my education. I am almost at the end of one class and the start of another. My son just started school and we are adjusting. My daughter will be staying with us one the weekends, which is another adjustment. My boyfriend and I have a Youtube channel in the works, so that has been taking my time as well. I am trying to sell my car and life has just been crazy in general. I also got my belly button pierced! More to come on that, but for now, let’s look at the makeup I am using this month that I store on a shelf in my bed.

Pictured above, I have my full sized Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face Setting Spray for when I do a full face of makeup and when I wear makeup in above 80 degree F weather. I also have a mini of the MAC Prep & Prime Fix + in coconut that I use as a primer, when I am going really light on my makeup. Huda feels half-way empty and the MAC one is half-empty.

Above, I have my The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm in Raspberry that I have used up almost half of. I like to put this on before bed. My current perfume is Mary-Kate And Ashley in the “yellow or orange” scent? It only has about a quarter or a fifth left to it. I am trying to use up all of my perfumes before buying anymore and I only intend to have 2 full sized perfumes open at a time. Preferably, a day and night scent. My deodorant right now is Old Spice in Fuji and it smells like the beach with coconuts. Nothing masculine about this scent AND it lasts and most importantly, WORKS.

I have two minis and a full sized item here. I have a mini Farsali Liquid Glass Primer, which is going to make me buy the full size unicorn one, once I run out of primer that is. I have a mini Becca Aqua Powder that is almost used up. I have a pressed powder and two full sized loose powders in the wings. I am SO good on powder. My full sized item is the Dr. Brandt Needles No More No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel, which also helps to cover up my hereditary dark circles under my eyes. I have maybe a quarter left of this eye gel. It is an extra step that I honestly can’t be bothered to do most days and it is less effective on my dark circles than concealer.

I have two full sized items and two sample sizes here. The full sized eye shadow is a makeup forever blush shade, but it is the same size as their eye shadow and I use it as eye shadow. It is a very pretty peachy-pink color, very flattering on me. The other full size is the Elizabeth Mott nude eye liner with some sparkles in it. I use this almost everyday as my inner corner highlight. I would say that I used half or two-thirds of the pencil. I have the Urban Decay Primer Potion that I would like to use up by the end of the year. I don’t need a separate eye primer, when I use my face primer on my eye lids. I have a mini Stila Glitter in Glow in Retro Rose Gold. I love love love it, but I don’t have many occasions to be full on glam like this. I’m hoping to use it up this year sand always have one mini in my collection.

Makeup wipes and an eye lash curler. I use makeup wipes in the morning to refresh my face as my skincare. I then use moisturizer and go in with a primer, starting my makeup routine. I use my eyelash curler everyday, since I am currently out of mascara. I cannot wait to get a mascara in a subscription box, because I never manage to remember that I need to buy it! lol.

The current foundation sample I am working on. These two shades porcelain and fair will work for me. I do enjoy the finish and how airbrushed my skin looks in this foundation. It is too dewy for my taste and tends to sink into the pores around my nose. I would not buy it, but I will use the sample.

Lush White Chocolate Edible Solid Body Oil is pictured above. I have plans on using this up this year. I apply this to my stretch marks and my tattoos for extra hydration. It is also great to use for couple’s massages.

Above is my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit – Surreal Light. From left to right in the swatches, we have the big pan of finishing powder in surreal light, the bronzer in surreal bronze light, the strobe powder in surreal strobe light, and the two blushes on top in surreal glow and surreal effect. I have a dip in the finishing powder and have worn down the dome on the bronzer quit a bit. My goal is to use up the finishing powder and bronzer this year. I would be happy to hit pan in the highlighter and one of the blushes. This is an item I will continue to use throughout the year and you might see it in all of my monthly makeup baskets. I do intend on switching it up a bit with what is in my makeup basket as this doesn’t include any lip products as I like to switch up the shades that I own.

The Urban Decay Moondust Eye Shadow palette is new to me and my collection. I quit enjoy these glitters and I have used the blue one. I intend on using it more as long as it fits my wardrobe. I am happy to be playing around with these creating appropriate workplace looks with them. More often than not, I put glitter on my lids and an eye brightening pen in my inner corners. I just purchased another palette that will give more transition shades, so I can toss something in the crease or the outer v to darken, lightening, or define my looks.

Well, that is what I am playing with this month. Tune in next month and I’ll make sure to include lippies! I won’t include any of the basics that I have already shown, but will show you the makeup items that I am focusing on for that month. I really enjoy these makeup basket posts and I look forward to creating another one in a few weeks for March. I’ll try to get it up closer to the start of March. lol.

With Love,



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