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1,000 Declutter in 365 Days

Actually its less than that since I am just starting now, half way through Feb. I am counting my empties from my 20 in 2020 project. I am counting everything, but food related items and actual trash. So, from my Jan empties, I am adding 11 items to this project, bringing me up to 11/1000.

I just threw out a pair of boots that I’ve had for a few years now as they are no longer water proof and soaked my feet today. I didn’t snap a photo, but I have this old photo from my blog. They were super cute and comfortable, but they have lived their best life. I am sad to see them go, but excited to get new boots this winter. 12/1000

I have decluttered a few things from my closet. I decided to purge my son’s closet of anything under 2T and anything 2T that was too gross or shrunken on him. He is a tall and lean 4 year old that should be in a 4T, but he barely fits into most 3T at 31 pounds. So, starting now, I will snap photos as I declutter or get rid of things throughout the day until the end of the year and I will do monthly checkins on what I have managed to declutter from our home. We have tons of knickknacks that I’m sure some will be going to new homes or thrown out because they are broken. I’m looking for a nice bookcase to build to store a lot of our stuff, so our desks can be empty and see if there will be room for a vanity. I did order a media bookcase for my fiance’s knicknacks. We shall see what other bookcase we get to store the rest of our things. When our room is complete, I will be giving a room tour as we did move from the last tour into a new apartment late last year. We moved twice in one year! Crazy!

5 pairs of fat underwear, not pictured as used underwear would be really weird to show. And by fat underwear, I mean pregnancy and post-pardem underwear that was still hanging on 4 years later.

15 items of clothing pictured above. Some of the clothing is stacked on top of each other. I don’t think 27/1000 is bad for the first month and I think that I can increase my efforts as 2020 goes on. There will be more clothing declutterings in the future as Dean and I both have a stack of clothes that I am unsure about. Once we get some organization in our new apartment, I am sure there will be more things that need to go or will be replaced. I don’t foresee February coming anywhere close to 27 items out, but I will be happy to see another 10 items go from our home. I no longer want to have stuff to have stuff. If it doesn’t have a purpose and I don’t enjoy looking at it, then it will have to go. I really enjoy the minimalist lifestyle and I would like to entertain it more in 2020. I hold onto too much stuff when I should really just let it all go.

Our bedroom is the worst and the most place that needs a good declutter. I have some kitchen pots and pans that should really go too. The children’s room is really not too bad, but I could still let go a few of Dean’s things that he no longer plays with. The living room barely has furniture in it. It is the most basic room besides all the cardboard boxes that need to be thrown out, but the trash is always full with new neighbors moving in and out the past two months. The bathroom is complete and pretty basic. After I do my weekly cleaning in there, I will do a tour of our bathroom. The only room currently put together they way I want. lol

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6 thoughts on “1,000 Declutter in 365 Days”

  1. Oh my God, I can’t believe how in tune we two are this year. I have also started counting the items that go out of my home this year in an attempt to move toward a more minimalist lifestyle. I do not have a set goal like you do, but I do plan on going through every nook and cranny in our place and gather all the things that do not bring me joy or that have no real purpose and decide if they’re to be trashed, donated or used up. I have already been doing that with beauty products for the past few years, this year more intensely than before, but there is still a lot of stuff that needs to be accounted for. This endeavor combined with a more conscious mindset in regards to shopping should bring us both closer to that beautiful minimalist lifestyle that we crave. Good luck, Hannah, can’t wait to follow you on your journey and get inspired!!! ❤️

    1. We are very much on the same wave length this year! ❤ Good luck as well! You'll be seeing a Sephora Haul from me soon. lol. I sorta splurged for my engagement, but oh well, I'm happy with the purchase! With Dean's constant illnesses since December, I needed a pick me up. He's on 4 prescriptions right now. Poor thing.

      1. Oh my God, I can’t believe I forgot to congratulate you on your engagement!!! You deserve all that’s great in the world and I couldn’t be happier for you!!! I would have splurged as well, so no judgement here, hehe. As for poor Dean, I wish him a speedy recovery and strength to get through all that’s been thrown at him. 🙏🏻

      2. Lol. Thank you! I know. My box just came in today and I am so excited to play with it all. I know in a few months at least 2 of not 3 things will be used right up. So, I dont feel too bad about it. Thank you for your kind words about Dean. He is our special boy and hopefully, with all the meds, his nose will stop producing green boogies. Poor thing has been having it for 3 months.

    1. Thank you! I should have another update soon for February. I did get rid of over 10 things that I didn’t think I would manage. So glad you started this and inspired me to join in.

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