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April Makeup Basket

So, my posts might be going up a bit out of order. I still have my March Sephora, March 20 in 2020, and 1K declutter update to do for my March updates, but I thought that I would share what I am trying to use up for the month of April. This is what I am most excited to write right now and I am trying to keep this blog light and carefree instead of focusing on what should be done first. Keeping that in mind, I am excited to share with you what I am planning on using for the month of April. Some of these I want to use up and others, I just want to get some good use in. Let’s get started!

By My Bedside:

These are the three products that I am keeping by my bedside. The perfume, I want to use up entirely. I want to get good use in the oil and the lotion that I got in my FITFABFUN for Spring. I think the lotion might have broken my chest out. I’m going to let it clear up, before trying the lotion again. If it does break me out, I will be using it on my fiance for his massages. 


I chose five makeup products to focus on for the month of April. I want to use up the plumping lip gloss, the Dr. Brandt under eye depuffer, the Stila glitter eye shadow, and my FIX +. I want to get a good dent into the GlamGlow moisturizer. The GlamGlow smells different than I remember, much sweeter citrus. It leaves my face very glowy, a little too glowy for my taste. I would not purchase it.

In My Shower:

I have two products that I am concentrating on this month in my shower. One is the BumBum Shower gel that is almost finished. I just have the littlest amount left. This lasted forever and is something that I would repurchase when I run out of shower gel. For $40 bucks, it lasted me about 4 months or so. $10 a month for a really nice shower gel is worth it to me. I am really enjoying the Watermelon peel that I got in my Spring FITFABFUN. I use this every time I take a shower and I just really love it. I want to enjoy using it, so I added it to my monthly basket.

In My Bathroom Cabinet:

So, here is where I keep items in the cabinet above our toilet where we keep things for shaving/hair/skin/Safety kit etc in the bathroom. I would like to use up my sample of Drunk Elephant. I like it, but I like an oil based cleanser better. I have Juice Cleanse exfoliating cubes. I’d like to use up one cube this month. It lasts a half dozen uses of full body application. I use this on my legs before I shave and on the rest of my body once a week. This is harsh and abrasive. I can’t use it more than once a week on my whole body. I shave once to twice a week on my legs and every other day under my arms. I want to use up my purple clay mask. It goes on purple and turns white. I use a clay mask once to twice a week. It helps to keep my skin clear and less oily. Ideally, I’d like to use up the Aveda Split End Remedy cream, but if I could just put a good dent in it, I would be happy. I want to use up my B&BW wave spray. It has one or two uses left. I’d also like to use up at least one sheet mask. I feel so inspired right now. I might do an actual project pan with project pictures and marks and everything! I might check out some blogs and see if I can get in on a challenge.

In My Medicine Cabinet:

I keep my nightly creams and stuff in my medicine cabinet. I’d like to use up all of it. I’d like to use up the two mini lotions, the overnight mask, and the serum drops from Olay. I have one big container of face cream and I’d like to just get down to that for night time use. I’d still like to purchase a serum though. I have a ton of masks to use up, so new repurchases until I make a dent in my collection.

So, these are all the things I am working on in April as I stay home. Let me know what project you think that I should do. I want to do a project pan, but ideas are welcome.

With Love,


4 thoughts on “April Makeup Basket”

    1. Thank you! I actually counted every single piece of makeup, hair care, skincare, everything that I own bc the power went out at 1pm yesterday and we are still without power. Power is supposed to be restored at 2. Had to take the day today. We actually went over to my fiances mom were he is staying due to no power. Nice to be together for a rare day since this happened.

  1. That’s a really awesome basket, you’re gonna get such good progress on all of the products. I looove that Sol de Janeiro shower gel, that scent is divine. With all the skincare and body care products in this basket, it looks like April is gonna be pamper month for you! Love that! ❤

    1. Yes! That was what I was going for. Might as well as I am at home. I will for sure repurchase that shower gel. Its the only thing I want to use now in the shower. It is moisturizing and smells amazing. I have dehydrated oily skin. This nourishes my skin perfectly. I noticed dry spots disappear and my skin being less oily.

      Spoiler alert, I already hit at least 1 empty. I have way more time now that I am at home to work on all of this.

      Makeup is for sure on the back burner. I get up now at 7:40 for just enough time to log on for 8am on my lap top. I do my skincare in between tasks and very minimal makeup. Working on my gloss and lipsticks though. Almost have a gloss used up. Im excited!

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