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Inventory Part 2

Part Two is up next featuring skincare. I honestly thought this would be my smallest category, because I didn’t think that I had all that much. Going back to the first post about fitness, well, I just got a package in yesterday with some items to help with that. You should be seeing a haul post soon as well as a separate fitness post with more information. I don’t have a weight-loss goal and I am still fine tuning my plan. For my birthday, I think I will be hauling skincare instead of makeup and only certain categories at that. I really want to replace my toner with a nice spritz as I think it would be more beneficial for my skin and another facial oil.

Skincare: 38 Items

Lip Scrub: 1

I need to use this up and buy a new one. The one I have is old, but still going strong.

Serum: 2

I’m using both up this year and would not go out and buy a serum until I’m 30. I’ll need an extra moisturizing/antiaging step then. It’s pretty unnecessary right now.

Face Wash: 2

I have a foaming cleanser and a solid oil cleanser. I want a cold cream based cleanser to replace my foam one.

Toner: 1

I am going to use it up and replace it with a spritz instead. My face gets pretty clean from my oil cleanser.

Face Wipes: 2 packages

One package is almost done and the other will be started. I use these in the morning for a light cleanse as I do such an intensive one at night.

Sheet Masks: 11

Yes, I have a lot. Yes, I am working on using them up. Yes, I forgot to add in the eye patches that I keep in the fridge, because those are used for when any one in the house has a headache/migraine as it feels really good and cold. I also have a chilling eye mask, the point is, they are essential.

Sleeping Masks: 3

Gonna use up all three and only repurchase one and it is SUPER expensive. Very worth it though. It works on my acne super well with my congested skin and offers a good layer of moisture to my skin. I use it in place of my night time moisturizer. I kinda use it as a moisturizer, if I’m being honest.

Face Masks: 13

Some of these are single or 2 use masks. I know my number of masks are INSANE, but not all of these are clay masks. I would like to have a mask, peel, moisturizing, and glowy mask. Like one of each kind and that is it.

Face Cream: 3

I feel good about this number. 2 are deluxe sized samples that I know I will use up. The other is a full size cream that I use during the day, when I’m not using a moisturizing primer that can also double as a moisturizer.

I am writing this at 10:13 PM on Tuesday night, so forgive me if I have been rambling. The next post up will be body care and hair care with miscellaneous will round out this mini-series. I am happy to see skin care under 50 and I hope to get the numbers down further this year to really curate my collection. I have to say that I am impressed, because I seriously thought that I had WAY more than this.

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2 thoughts on “Inventory Part 2”

    1. I started the beginning of last year with the intention of using up all my backstock, only buying when items run out, only having extras from FitFabFun, and being very frugal with my money. It worked out, because looking at my collection now, it is more tailored to me. I know what I need, how much, and where I need to cut back spending and use up some items. It still needs work, but I am sure to see an improvement by next year. This is the girl who had 40 body lotions in 2015. Its been a struggle. I used spending to help me cope with issues. I’m in a better place, better mindset now. And thank you!

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