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Sephora Play!: April 2020

This is my last Sephora Play as Sephora has cancelled the subscription and will be releasing a $25 subscription in its place. I am sad that Sephora is ending the cheap subscription, but I am also very okay with it. I think that I might try this newer subscription and just put it on hold for a few months for occasional boxes as I do like the luxury brands that Sephora carries. It isn’t a subscription that I would get every month though. $25 a month is a lot to spend on products you may not like. If I use up enough items in my collection, I could see doing it a bit more often than I plan.

This was a little freebie of stickers that they threw into the last box. I like the stickers and I’ll use them in my planner. It was a nice touch.

KVD Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick Sampler Packet

I will use it up once I have a lip brush. I don’t care for KVD after her whole scandal and the controversy with Jeffrey Star. I don’t like drama and I don’t like people who feed into it or create it. This isn’t anything that I would go out and buy from her brand.

belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb

I used this all over my face as a night time moisturizer. It was very nice, but not something that I would buy. I’m not starting an anti-aging routine until I am 30 and eye cream is just not something that I see myself needed. I use my face cream as my eye cream and it does just as nice of a job. I do see the benefit of an eye cream, when I am trying to prevent wrinkles and want a more targeted approach. This one would be a nice moisturizing day eye cream.

Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Soothing Treatment Lotion

I don’t see the point of this toner? It does nothing for my skin, but I will use it up. This would probably be good for people who have redness and inflammation from acne. Origins is not CF, so I would not buy anything from the brand. Before I was CF though, I used their ginseng line and it was amazing.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

The color is black, despite the dark brown hued tube. I have not used this, because I want to wait until quarantine is over. However, I do miss using mascara, so I might cave in and crack it open.  I haven’t tried this mascara yet, but I am excited to try it out. I hate a very wet mascara as I have hooded eyes, so it will easily transfer. If the formula is too wet, I will open it and let it dry out some to try to achieve a drier formula. If it is still very wet, I throw out the tube. For me, the worst mascaras are the wet ones that doesn’t dry out after a bit. Immediate 0 stars from me.

Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector

I just realized that I have no facial sunscreen, so I am happy to have this little sample. I’ll be needing to make an extra order somewhere for some sunscreen. I will use this up, once the weather warms up here and I’m in the sun more. Dean and I have been going outside more lately, so as soon as we hit summer days, this will be perfect.

Bare Mineral Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick in Honesty

This is a your lips but better color on me. I have dark, pigmented lips to begin with, so this color looks very natural on me. I find more dark colors look better on me than lighter colors as lighter colors don’t get to shine as brightly on my darker lips. If a lipstick is not opaque enough, the color won’t really show through and sometimes, appear patchy. This is a color that will get a lot of mileage with me as I love easy to throw on colors the most. This is a nice and creamy lipstick, so you’ll need to reapply after eating and drinking. I enjoy liquid lipsticks, so I would not purchase this. However, this is an easy lipstick to use up, because of all the times you will need to reapply throughout the day. I enjoy taking a lipstick break, so I don’t mind.

On a side note, is my unicorn onsie adorable? I bought it for $20 during the Winter Forever 21 sale. I highly recommend their seasonal sales for classic and unique pieces.

With Love,


4 thoughts on “Sephora Play!: April 2020”

  1. Remember that belif eye cream when you are older. I am 43 and this is the best daytime eye cream I have ever found! I agree though, that using regular moisturizer under your eyes is the best way to go until it doesn’t work anymore.

  2. You look so cute in that onesie!! Also that lipstick shade looks bomb on you! Btw, if you have an eyeshadow brush to spare, you could totally use one to apply your lipstick samples, I’ve done it before and it works like a charm. Obviously, not a fluffy one cause that would be a mess, but if you have a flat or packing brush those should work just fine. As for the new box, I feel like for 25$ you could purchase full-size products that you know you’d love way better than a box of samples and deluxe sizes that might be a hit or miss. But I do get that there’s a thrill of discovering new products so I guess it balances itself out. For me though, that price tag for a subscription box is a bit much. Loved this box though, pretty balanced in the amount of makeup and skincare and also really good brands, too bad most of them are not CF or have some kind of drama attached to it. Loved your post, hugs!

    1. Ugh. I dont have a spare brush, but a lip brush from elf is literally a dollar. So, when I need more skincare, I’m gonna make an order and add a lip brush in there.

      Yeah, I’m thinking of trying Ipsy for 12 a month, but haven’t decided yet.

      Hugs back!

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