May Makeup Basket

For my birthday month, (which today is my birthday!) I am not having a makeup basket. I am allowing myself to play with and use anything that I want. I have makeup coming in and I just did a recent declutter of items that have been in my collection for over 2 years. I was disappointed in seeing what I was parting with, which is encouraging me to enjoy what I have right now. I did a big declutter last year where I gave a whole bunch of my collection to my daughter, Jenna. It made my collection smaller, so I could focus better on it. Still with that, I have to part with a lip chunk of my lip collection, because they are older than 2 years. I keep liquid, gel, cream around for 2 years before I consider them expired.

So far this month, I have been enjoying some cream highlighters, unusual lip colors, and trying out my colorful liquid liner with sad attempts at wings or going under the lower lash line. Life is too short to bench dramatic glittery highlighters that you think is too much to wear to work. If I want a smokey eye during the day, I’m gonna do one. It’s a good month for experimentation. I’m trying out different foundation formulas to see what I like best on my skin. I have been into doing cream blush, highlighter, and eye makeup or doing my base and full glam in powders. I do have a cream bronzer that mixes well with foundation or can be used on its own.

The point is, I have been enjoying what I own this month. It is also a way for me to see realistically, what I will be focusing on for the next month. I need to see where the levels are on all the makeup that is still in my collection. Plus, there a few more items that I need to pick out that I know are getting old and its sad to see things go not used up. Well, that was a long winded way of saying, there is no makeup basket this month of specific products that I have goals on.

With Love,


4 thoughts on “May Makeup Basket”

  1. Happy belated birthday!!! ❤ I hope you had an amazing birthday and that you felt pampered and like a total princess/queen! ❤ It's awesome that you're choosing to march to the beat of your own drum when it comes to makeup wear. Especially now that we're stuck at home, we should adventure out of our comfort zones! Sending you big hugs! ❤

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