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1K Declutter: April Update

To recap, I have finished/decluttered 56/1000 items so far this year. April was a really good month for cleaning. Since I started working from home, I decided that every weekend I would take on a small organizing or cleaning project to get rid of all the stuff that is just sitting in our apartment not being utilized. I don’t want stuff just to have stuff. My problem is that I could never afford stuff, so I would hold onto what I had because that was all that I had. My life is SOOOOO much better now, so I don’t need to hold onto stuff that has lived out its life with us. Lots of spring cleaning going on here and projects. I’m just working a little at a time as it is less expensive to buy a few pieces to organize over time than a big purchase all at once.

#57: Once my mom is no longer COVID-19 positive, I have some things for her. This is one of them. I can’t get past the after taste. I used to like this, but I want a protein to add into my coffee and this doesn’t mix in.

#58: This needed to go.

#59 This also needed to go as I have had it for so long. I didn’t like it. Can’t recommend it.

#60 I got rid of this because its 10 vol and I really needed 20 for lightening. 10 is good for adding color into the hair. I chose to give this away instead as I want my colors to not be as long lasting to be able to change them more frequently.

#70 This pillow case outlived its lifespan.

#71-88 I don’t wear a lot of costume jewelry anymore.

#89 I’m not religious. I will never be. I’m not traditional. I have my own religion that I will be sharing shortly that I have kept secret for YEARS.

#90 I’m counting this as one. It’s a bunch of moldy cords, charges, and a hard drive. It didn’t survive our basement apartment.

#91 This bra is too small. I’m usually a size small at VS, but this one was TOO small. I might try a medium, because I do like this style.

#92 Dean ate his bowl. Enough said.

#93 I finished a perfume!

#94 Only counting his CBD as this stuff is EXPENSIVE for a month supply.

#95-98 My empties from April

#99-100 Also my empties from April

Alright! 100/1000. I am 1/10 there! I doubt that I’ll make it to 1K, but I will be happy to get to 500 at this point. We don’t have a lot, but we have a lot of things that we don’t use. If that makes sense. I don’t know if I have 1K worth of stuff to get rid of, but even now, I see things that need to be thrown out or rehomed. I have been focusing on one room at a time. i organized my son’s room and his closet as well as went through his wardrobe in May. I think his room is good that Jenna shares with him. Our bedroom is a work in progress. We are getting supplies to set up shelves to get Martin unboxed as we still have 4 boxes of his stuff boxed up. The kitchen needs to be organized again and some pots need to be decluttered as they are no good. The living room has the old bed frame and headboard that needs to be broken down and chucked in the dumpster over time as we share the dumpster with 2 other families. The bathroom is perfect, so 2/5 rooms decluttered is not so bad by the end of April.

With Love,



2 thoughts on “1K Declutter: April Update”

  1. I didnt know your mom was Covid+. Speedy recovery to her!

    My post was supposed to go up today but Im doing radio silence for BLM so it will be up Thursday!

    1. Thank you! Its been 5 weeks since she was first positive. She’s had 3 positives.

      That is such a great idea! Its so important now more than other. We really need justice for all.

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