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Spring into Summer Makeup Samples Project 10 Pan: Update

Time for an update since we are halfway through this project. The first picture is what I started with and the second picture is what I have left to finish off. I was able to use up half of the items. This is a late upload, but better late than never.


I think I’ll be able to use up the perfume for sure. The others, I am not so sure about. It’s been hot. I am always at home and I don’t want to put on makeup to go no where. I honestly have to push myself to use makeup and I end up loving how it looks on me. It’s hard to push myself though. I think I’l try to push myself on the days that I know that I will shower at night or the cooler days that aren’t going to be as hot. We shall see. I don’t want to use primer and setting spray without actually wearing a full face.

With Love,



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