My Hair Journey: Bleached Blonde

The ending of my college term was very busy with a paper due. Now that I am taking an easier course, I am going to try to catch up on my posts. I have a ton planned with photos in my drafts. Some posts for May/June have been combined due to me rarely posting in June. I thought that I would come back with a fun post that is mostly photos. I wanted to bleach my hair blonde. I’ve never bleached my hair before. I wanted to dye my hair Cotton Candy Pink using Manic Panic. Keep on reading if you wanna see my hair journey!

My hair is above. I have a natural level 7 dirty blonde hair with golden tones. I had heavy foil done in September of 2019. Since then, I have done nothing to my hair. My hair is a choppy cut that is short in the back and longer in the front. It could use a trim after this pandemic is over.

Above is the first round of bleach. I did a bleach wash to gently lift my hair the three levels necessary to get to a Level 10, the lightest blonde. My mid length and near my roots were still orange. So, I decided to do a second round of bleach.

I got my hair to a super light blonde with no damage. My hair feels just as healthy now as it did before. My root area is still on the yellow side. I decided to use a Wella T14 toner that I had leftover from going gray.

My hair was still a bit yellow on top. I ordered the Wella T28 Natural Blonde. It was a mistake as the blonde was darker than what I wanted, but it is a toner. It will fade out and I can use T18 instead next time. The results of the T28 are below. 

I have major resting bitch face. Most of these are morning shots that look better under a snap chat filter. lol. Don’t get me wrong. That is a pretty blonde, but I wanted a whiter base for my pink to really pop. The results of the pink are below.

It is a blue based pink that looks super cute under black lights. I will say, the Manic Panic dye sucks. I used two tubes. I have fine thin hair and still 5 to 10% of my hair remains undyed. The containers had more conditioner than dye. My hair never rinsed any color out. The water was clear during the rinsing process. I bought Artic Fox Virgin Pink to fix up the patchiness when this starts to fade. I plan on diluting it to get this pastel pink again. It is a little peachy, but I think that is more to do with my base than the dye itself. I love having pretty pink anime hair. My next look after I get bored of this is atomic green.

With Love,



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