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1K Declutter: May & June Edit

Last month in April, we hit 100/1,000. That is 1/10th done of the project. I am hoping that May & June bring me close to half. I am not holding my breath, but I am hoping that we at least get to 250 for this two month round. I am hoping for a heavy July and August as we will be cleaning the house for a special arrival. I did finally let go of years of clutter though. It feels great.


I let the stickers go bad before I finally had a chance to use them.


My fiance bought me a brush straighter. I have no need for both kinds. I am giving this to my mom.


The Prada bag that I never use. I have a friend in mind for this.

#104 & 105

I am giving these photo books to my mom. I reordered these in a yearly style instead.


Boots that no longer fit after pregnancy.


Memories that I don’t want anymore

#108 & 109

Old Erin Condren Planner & Cover

#110 & 111

Two old skating books


My middle school diploma


Little Dean Shoes


Old painting from school


To a friend 


To a friend

#117- 121

Inks for my artistic friend Heather, Jenna’s mom.


Jenna got my old Ipod and I found another case.


An old sketch pad for Jenna.

#124 – 126

Old Dean Clothes.


Old Dean Clothes

#128 & 129

Old Dean Clothes

#130 – 137

Old Dean Clothes

#138 – 142

Old Dean Clothes


Random Movie no one remembered buying – came in xbox from Amazon.


A worn onsie that Dean ripped the footsy part to shreds.


A gift I got from a friend in High School Vincy, that Dean broke.


A set of earring that I gave to Martin’s mom.


I also gave this to Martin’s mom.


A stained shirt.

#149 – 151

Old pillow cases


Dehumidifier that is too small for every space.


#153 – 156

Empties from May


#157 -159

Empties from May


#160 – 170

Lip product declutter over 2 years old


#171 – 177

Declutter of liners & cream products over 2 years


#178 – 179

Empties from June



Empty from June


#181 – 182

Empties from June


#183 – 184


I think getting 84 items out of the way is a really good number for 2 months. I know that I can get to 250, but I really want to push and see if I can get to 500 for the year. I don’t think I have enough items to declutter 1K of them in a year. We are doing some deep cleaning the next two months, so we might make some decent progress. Any tips or tricks on how to declutter 1K if you have done it in a year?

With Love,


1 thought on “1K Declutter: May & June Edit”

  1. You are doing great!
    I think its important to declutter – I dont really think the number is important in the grand scheme. It just gives you someting to attain

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