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20 in 2020: May & June Edit

Let us start off with a recap as it has been a hot minute (IE 2 months!).

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $352.12

Total Makeup Products Used Up or Hit Pan In: 3/20

I finished mostly samples these past two months and I decluttered my makeup collection of any liquids/creams over 2 years old. I plan to do another makeup declutter at the end of this year/beginning of next. I will do it sooner if I run out of photo room again. Yes, this declutter happened, because I ran out of photo memory on WordPress. I had to get rid of my oldest photos. In doing so, I saw that I still had makeup from 4 years ago! I have a strict 2 year rule that I like to follow. All of the items were over 2 years. A couple of things I did keep as they don’t smell “off” but they are items that I will get rid of at the next declutter if I don’t use them up by then.

I used up the Tarte, Hourglass, and both perfume samples. That little cream eye shadow is SO OLD. Only the two perfumes count towards my makeup goal as they both took a month to finish. The others are simply samples and an unfinished item.

Total Makeup Products Used Up or Hit Pan In: 5/20

No makeup items here. The candle was a gift and smelled DELISH. I really enjoyed the candle for a relaxed night in. The Pure Zzzzs is Melatonin for Dean. He takes one gummy a night to help him fall asleep. Next to that, I have his CBD oil. Finally, a pen. The Melatonin is $20 and so is the CBD.

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $392.12

I have three samples here. I enjoyed the drunk elephant, but would not buy. I enjoy the Watermelon overnight mask, but would not buy the full size. I also really like the GlamGlow, but a little too glowy for me to repurchase. The Glamglow counts as a makeup product, because I could never wear it alone, only under makeup as it was too glowy on its own on my oily skin.

Total Makeup Products Used Up or Hit Pan In: 6/20

Yup, my declutter. The declutter does not count towards my monetary amount or makeup use-up count. The only used up item COMPLETELY is the Too Faced Lip Plumper.

Total Makeup Products Used Up or Hit Pan In: 7/20

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $407.12

Again, no empties here, just declutter items.

I enjoy my hair gummies a ton! So much growth! Another monthly empty of CBD oil.

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $452.12

A sample face wash and a pod that came in a pack of 8. Not counting either towards my monetary oil. I liked both. The little pod had 5 facials in it.

I used up another perfume. It was a real good two months for perfume.

Total Makeup Products Used Up or Hit Pan In: 8/20

I used up another candle and a pen. The candle was my fiance’s when he moved in. No amount on that.

Total Makeup Products Used Up or Hit Pan In: 8/20

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $452.12/$1,000

So, I am hitting pretty close to midway of both goals in the middle of the year. If I work a little harder, I will hit both goals by the end of the year. I don’t have much for July right now, but I suspect that will change as I plan on doing more pamper nights with my daughter and doing our makeup together. It’s the little things in life. I bought a chore chart that I will share for more positive reinforcement and challenges on getting things done herself. A pamper night with mom is a good reward for doing her chores independently.

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