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My Anniversary Present: A Vanity

This post has been a long time coming. I have a bunch of posts in draft status that I just haven’t had the time to write. I love my anniversary gift from my fiance. It is a beautiful vanity that fits everything that I have with plenty of room to grow. Since uploading the photos, I have decluttered my collection. The pictures no longer represent all the products that I have, but they do give you a good idea of what I like.

I love the matte black vanity with the HUGE mirror. ❤ 

The stool is a good size for me. It also brings me to the perfect height for using the vanity. My legs fit easily underneath it. It is for sure a short girl vanity.

There is a good amount of table space which is nice for storing my planner and setting products in front of me to use.

I don’t keep my pens here anymore, but my container of hair ties still live here.

My wireless LED mirror sits on top of the hair tie container. I take this out when I do my eye makeup and apply mascara.

The vanity has two drawers. One drawer, I keep all my washi tape, note cards, letters, stickies, and some miscellaneous stickers. I basically have two stationary drawers. I am really into decorating my planner and documenting my life. I love that I have the space to store them in an organized way.

The other drawer has more stickers and stationary supplies.

My fiance also bought me this makeup tower knowing that it would match the vanity he bought me.

I keep my lip products, brushes, and any sample products up here.

I have a few drawers of makeup supplies.

All those empty drawers!

Some full sized loose powders on the bottom and sample foundation to try once my current samples run out.

This top part came with the vanity. I put it on top for more space. It fits perfectly up there.

I have all sorts of makeup products up there.

The mirror opens up to reveal a makeup cabinet. It is also storing all of my jewelry as well. Some are real and some are costume.

This vanity doesn’t take up much space, but I can store a ton of stuff in it. It is perfect for small spaces and short girls. I am not sure if your legs will fit under the table is you are much taller than me at 5’3″. I hope you enjoyed this picture filled post.

With Love, 



2 thoughts on “My Anniversary Present: A Vanity”

  1. Nice!!
    My area doubles as a regular home office so when I re-did my area, I ended up with the standard Ikea tabletop and drawers.

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