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Birthday Haul From My Fiance

As you can tell, a ton of these posts that will be going up has been a long time coming. I have been super busy with school, work, Dean, and relaxing. I have a new family dynamic that is coming up that I have been preparing for that you will all known about soon enough. My life has been so full lately since this whole pandemic started. I never had a life so busy with stuff to do before. I never get everything done in a day that I wanted and the days are just so filled with activities. I am enjoying it, but I am also tired. I am hoping daycare opens soon, so I can at least get a little relief with less to juggle.

Martin bought me this beautiful furry charcoal bedspread set. I need to get a comforter to insert into the casing to make it more plump, but it is so beautiful and exactly what I wanted. It is super comfy and will be nice and warm in the winter time. Without a comforter insert, it is also perfect for the summer.

He also bought me these super cute leggings. They are smooth like velvet and are super comfy. I love the vibrant colors of these leggings. He actually bought Jenna a matching pair, so we can match now. 🙂

I bought a mini one of these and loved it. Martin bought me a full sized one. I haven’t used it yet, because quarantine. As soon as there is a reason too, I will try this out. I have a feeling that I’ll be able to straighten my hair faster with more lasting results with a full sized brush versus the mini that I had that I gave to Jenna.

I am also super excited about these stickers that he bought me. They are going to look perfect in my Erin Condren planner next year. I’m buying my planner at the end of the year in Nov/Dec, so I will have it in time for the New Year. These stickers are gonna fit perfect in that planner. I plan on obtaining more stickers as well. My stash is dwindling and I’d love to have more decorative stickers. I have a ton of functional ones right now. The sticker pack is so me though. I’m itching to use them now, but I know they will look beautiful in a crisp new yearly spread. Also, the planner that I have now is too small for these stickers. The stickers would take up most of the space on my days.

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