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Forever 21 Haul: Summer

Back in the beginning of Summer, I put in a Forever 21 order for some new summer clothes. I believe that I spent around $200 dollars on all of this, which was about 50% off. It was a very good deal and I was in a desperate need of clothes as I had lost weight and didn’t really have any clothes that fit. It was a while ago, so without further ado, here are a crap ton of pictures and feel good selfies. I was having a bad skin day with greasy hair, but I couldn’t resist trying on all of these cute clothes when they came in.

I have needed a belt for a while on some of my pants that are big in the waist. It looks super cute on and it works as a belt. I can even use it over dresses and shirts. Very versatile. 

This is a super pretty sunscreen that I bought to wear with Jenna to protect our skin, but also look cute doing it. There is nothing wrong in making your body a glittery disco ball and since we both love everything glitter, we won’t forget to apply sunscreen.

I love the look of these gladiator sandals, but the ties are always sliding down. Once I wear these out, I do not see myself buying another pair of these. I love that its rose gold.

I love these ballet flats with the gladiator straps, but the straps are really loose around my ankles. Again, I will wear these out, but I will not repurchase them or anything similar to it.

This bikini top is great for a midnight dip with my fiance, but is too insecure for everyday use ie I would not wear around the kids. I would be too afraid of popping out a boob in this.

I love how my butt looks in these bikini bottoms. I would need to be very trim to wear these bottoms and I wouldn’t wear them around the kids. If I move too much, they become a thong. Great to go with the top for a swim with my fiance though.

I buy most of my clothes in a small or a medium. This was a small and it was a little too small. I decluttered this dress to my daughter. With the straps at their tightest, it fits my 10 year old daughter and looks very appropriate for a school dance.

I love the open back, but I would have to put a cami underneath this. Even though this is a small, the shirt is too big for my shoulders and the sleeves end up falling down an arm.

I love the way these shorts look on and I love the dye-tie design. It does give you an obvious V, but I don’t mind it that much. It is a very comfortable weekend short.

I love this cute crop top! I love the combo of this top and denim shorts. The top fights wonderfuly. I would need to wear a bra underneath though as the shirt is thin.

I love these high waisted shorts! I haven’t owned denim shorts since my early teens.

A cute easy to wear top that I can wear to work and stay cool. It goes well with pants or skirts. Also, it is good to wear on a casual weekend with shorts.

Another great top to wear to work. No bra required.

A cute pair of fleece leggings for this Fall.

This is an adorable romper. I have worn it on roadtrips on the weekends. It is very comfortable and no bra required.

I can’t wear spaghetti straps to work, so I would have to wear a cardigan over this. It is super pretty though!

A cute skater dress that looks more appropriate for Fall.

I love this frilly fancy dress. Again, it is a small, but still big on me. I would gave to wear some type of bra or pin it in the front as that part is loose on me.

Well, those are the clothes that I bought this summer. Did you buy anything new?

With Love,


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