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FitFabFun: Summer 2020

This is actually my last FITFABFUN box. It isn’t because I didn’t like the products or anything like that. If my situation changes, I would love to go back to it again. Right now, I have too many products sitting in my stash to use up currently to justify keeping the subscription right now. I also have purchased a pure bred Maine Coon male kitten that cost a lot of money. It also costs a lot of money to get all the starter supplies for owning a cat and I am planning on feeding the cat raw, which is more work and only slightly more expensive than dry food. I had to buy a pure bred as these ones are specifically bred to produce low allergens, so people with allergies can own a cat. My dear Martin is very allergic to animals, so I am hoping this cat will be good for him. We get to pick him up at the end of the month. Without further ado, here is the FITFABFUN summer unboxing!

Mason Ceramic Reed Diffuser – Solstice, $59

We are using this diffuser in our bathroom and it smells lovely in there all the time. We can even skip spraying after using the bathroom as after a minute or two, the diffuser covers any unpleasant smells in the bathroom. I am really happy with this diffuser and I would buy essential oil refills to keep this one going. I am guessing that you would probably need new rods as well with a new refill of oil. 100% worth it and it looks classy.

COOLA Mineral Face Organic Matte Finish Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, $36

I ran out of face sunscreen, so this came at a perfect time. I have been using it on my face and Jenna’s when we go to the lake to go swimming. I even put it on Dean’s little face, so he doesn’t get burned as well. I keep this in Dean’s diaper bag for anytime that we go out. Since we are in the middle of a pandemic, I am not going anywhere, so I don’t need to apply sunscreen everyday. It’s been stormy and raining as well. Also, if I am going out for 20 to 30 minutes, I will not wear sunscreen, so I get the proper amount of sun to process Vitamin D. Longer than that, I am slathering on sunscreen to go out in.


I don’t do my eyebrows really. Also, they are very grown out due to the pandemic. In both photos, I only did one brow. I can really tell a difference with how polished my right eye brow is (left when viewing pics, but its my right brow). It is a good eye brow pencil for an amateur like me as it is pretty fool proof. Once places start to open up, I would consider getting my brows down and would use this pencil for a more precise look.


This hand cream smells really nice, but we are still going through another hand cream. This will be the next one that we use. Hand cream is one of those things that is always nice to have around as our hands are drying out due to the use of hand sanitizer and more cleaning than usual because of the pandemic. 

Makeup Drop Hybrid Sponge, $20

It has been a hot minute since the last time that I have used a makeup sponge. I have not used this, so I cannot give an opinion yet. I am hoping the silicone side will be good for spreading product and the sponge will be good for blending. I also might try to use this sponge for baking as well. This heat is making my skin oily as hell. lol

Grace & Stella Hyaluronic Acid Serum, $25

I am using this as my day time serum and I do like it. It is very runny and takes a few minutes to sink into the skin. I think I would just purchase another serum from Marshalls for $10 that does the same thing. It is a very basic serum, so I would never pay full price for this. It is nice if you have the money to spend on it. I haven’t noticed that it has added more hydration to my skin, but it is nice to use and pamper yourself.

HydroPeptide Moisture Reset Phytonutrient Facial Oil, $120

I do not think that this is $120 good. It is a nice face oil, but it feels the same as sunflower seed oil or sesame seed oil. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my skin when I use this. I would not repurchase it. I will use it up though. I use an oil a few nights a week as I rotate through other treatments during the week as well. I only use this at night. It is way too oily for daytime use.

Silked Satin Pillow Sleeve, $69.50

I gave this one to my mom as she had picked this one and it didn’t come in her box. She switched with me for the wireless phone charger that is super cute. I would never pay that much on a pillow case though.

Too Faced Hangover Good in Bed Hydrating Serum, $39

I bought the Too Faced pack for $18 and boy was it a steal! I use this serum if I am doing my makeup in the morning. I have used this only a couple of times, since I got it. I haven’t been out much, but I do love how this feels on the skin. It has more substance than the other hydrating serum that I got in my box. I love Too Faced as the products are really good and cutsey. I can see myself buying this again, especially if I can get this on sale. I might not pay full price, but I have only used it a couple of times so far.

Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Setting Spray, $32

I use this when I use my Too Faced serum. I like to use all my Too Faced products together. I actually haven’t opened this one yet as I am using up a previous setting spray that is really intense and I don’t like as much first. I cannot make any comments on this spray yet. I would pay this much for a setting spray though. It seems a full size lasts me 3 months of constant use. I think it is worth getting a good one that I like for a higher price.

Overall, this box was worth $434.50, which is an amazing value. I look forward to the time when I can pickup this box again. I want to use up a good part of my body products before subscribing again. I seem to get a lot of moisturizers and face products. I really need to use up what I have first. When I run out of a bunch of categories, that will be when I get it again. Probably in a year from now.

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