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A Collection of Hauls

This is a collection of bits and bobs, odds and ends that I collected and didn’t have enough to make a blog post. I didn’t purchase enough to give them their own blog post and some of it was given to me. This is a collection of items obtained over the last 6 months, since the work from home began for me back at the end of March. I have used most of these items, so I also have a bit to say about each item which is the only good thing about waiting so long to write this post. Has anyone else purchased anything lately?

I bought this headset from Amazon and I absolutely love it for game play.

My fiance bought me a gaming laptop for my birthday and I am so in love! It is a solid machine and can play extremely modded games such as Skyrim. I love the light blue backlit keys. One of my favorite computers that I have owned to date.

Samples from a Too Faced Order.

I ordered a full size foundation when they were on sale for $18. I got a lighter color than the sample. the sample fits my skin tone, but I can always bronze up if this one is too light. I love these CC type foundations. I find that they look the most natural on my skin and give me a perfected appearance without a cake face.

I received the Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder from Influenster for testing purposes. I already have a dent in it. I love this stuff so much, especially for the summer heat. It keeps the oil at bay and keeps me matte all day long. I will buy this when I use this one up. I don’t see them discontinuing it anytime soon. The powder is one shade. I don’t think the fairest of the fair would be able to wear it nor people of color (could look ashy/too light). I think they need a lighter and a few darker shades to add to the range.

I love these mood enhancing sprays from VS. We spritz them around the room in the morning/during the day for energy boost/mind boost. I spray the lavender (smells like sugar cookies, not lavender) at night after we smoke (weed is legal here) to freshen up the room. While I do think they are gimmicky, I enjoy them for what they are: brief room fresheners.

I have been using this on my chest, neck, and boobs any time I go out in a nice dress, which has only been a handful of times. I do like this product. I notice a slight tightening of the skin. I tend to get a bit of clogged pores on my chest, so I bought this to blur any bumps and redness. It works like a charm for that.

My soon-to-be sister-in-law (My fiance’s brother’s wife) bought us both Yeti professional mikes for Christmas. They got lost in the mail and finally arrived earlier in the year. We are starting a Youtube channel. Any content that we post, I will be posting on my blog, in case anyone is interested in it. I will continue to run my blog separately from the channel.

I bought these slimming underwear that are supposed to compress your stomach. It works great, but is too tight on my still healing belly piercing. I want to get a higher waist pair to wear with dresses. I can only wear this one with pants and a flowy top or a flowy dress as it muffin tops me. I paid $20 and I have to say, it gives me a confidence boost the one time that I wore it with a romper.

That is everything that I have bought randomly over the past 6 months. I do have a few hauls to share that will be coming up with dedicated posts. Until next time.

With Love,

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