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A Sea Witch Beginning

I have a confession to make. I am into the pagan, wiccan lifestyle, specifically witchcraft. I believe in lighting candles and incense with intentions, blessing rooms as I walk through, and enchanting items. I am new to talking about my craft, but I have been practicing since I was 16 years old. I just did an order on new supplies and building up my stash again. If you are interested, I will be occasionally sharing my grimoire, books I’m reading, and what I am working on. I’m not part of an occult or a satanist. I just believe differently. I believe that we all have the power of the universe inside ourselves and that we can wish things upon ourselves and others. Thoughts and words have power. I harness this power for good and cleansing. I do not cause harm to others as whatever you do, will come back to you threefold. I’d rather it be good things coming back to me.

I like to use colorful pens. I use these fineliners in my grimoire and sometimes when I am planning. I love to use gel pens and felt-tip pens for writing. These are not bad pens for the price and I enjoy using them.

This is my new grimoire. I love how slightly faded and beautiful the embossed cover is. It is a very special book to me now. I always choose something unique that speaks to me. I always write my own spells in here and adaptations from others spells that I find in books. I have a looser, more hippie version of witchcraft where I am literally the white witch, but I also like to incorporate the sea in my works. I feel a strong pull to the moon like the tides in the sea. I haven’t started my new books, yet.

I love the mixture of faded yellow pages and crisp white ones. I cannot wait to fill this book with loads of information. I like to gather knowledge on certain herbs and what you can do with them. In the future, I might break my book into multiple books like one for spells, herbs, history, etc. Any tidbit of information that I find entertaining or useful or interesting goes into this book.

I bought my alter Goddess Moon table from SeaShellCraft on Etsy. I love her store and I will be buying more “craft” supplies there. She even included a free Tiger’s Eye of a very good size. My alter table is so beautiful now in the galaxy paint. I love the pearlescent finish. I haven’t used the table yet, but I am excited to do so soon. I had my black candle already, but I now have a white candle (darkness and light). A good balance is needed to make a strong protection circle. This also isn’t a witchy hobby for me. It is a lifestyle paved with good intentions and incense.

With Love,


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