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Sacred Islam

To start my witchy adventure, I thought that I would try a cute subscription box as a treat to myself. This subscription box is heavily gimmicky, so don’t go in thinking it will be genuine. I like to put my own intentions on items and some of these come with that already. One item I was very suspicious of and had to inspect first to make sure it wasn’t a spell jar. I have been feeling under the weather all weak, so please bare with me if I am all over the place.

The presentation of the box itself is very beautiful. I would purchase this box again as a treat, but you can probably buy all these items cheaper on Amazon. I believe that I paid $47 for the box including shipping and taxes. It was too expensive for an every month thing.

The theme was to “Metamorphosis into the Empowered Witch” and it came with a nice theme letter with a description for each item received in the box. I didn’t want to spoil the letter, so I took a nice blurry shot. lol

The creator of the box hand picks a tarot card for each member each month. I received the Protection tarot card, which is pretty spot on. I have been dealing with a stalking situation recently. It couldn’t have come at a better time. The card also tells you what herbs are good for protection spells.

There is a spell featured in every box from the creator’s own Grimore. It is a really weird spell that I don’t see formatted like this a lot. I don’t feel like this is a “real” spell. It is diffidently a made up spell with all the hocus pocus boogies in it. It is printed on nice paper with a nice concept that I will write down in my own Grimore.

Nag Champa stick incenst is perfect, because we have a stick incense burner where you poke them in and the stand collects all the ash. No mess! They smell nice and honestly, any incense gets me in the mood to set intentions. Different scents are just supporting or invoking certain energies like calm, excitement, and joy.

I enjoyed getting two packets of herbs. I intent on buying cute apothecary bottles and filling them up with my herbs. You can also cook with these herbs and set intentions in what you are making. These are called Kitchen Witches and they spread their magic through delicious foods, usually baked goods.

I received a tigers eye stone to use to enchant with a protection spell. Then, I can insert the stone into the necklace holder and attach a leather necklace to wear it. Or add a key chain attachment to carry with me.

A beautiful spell candle for protection. It smells lovely and will be great to burn as my candle symbolizing light as I have another candle to symbolize darkness. It is a nice size spell candle as well.

This is an empowerment oil that you can use in your spells, candles, and blessings. I have used this on my chakra points when I have felt like I needed a boost. I love neat little trinkets like this. Best of all, I can reuse the bottle once I am done with it by doing a cleansing ritual to strip the remaining intentions off the bottle. This way, I can make and put something new in there that may be calming instead of empowering.

Overall, it was a pretty neat box and I would buy it again if I wanted a curated witchy treat.

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