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20 in 2020: August Edit

September is almost over and I am only now getting this up. To say September has been a month is the understatement of the year. I had a week vacation with both kids. I cried everyday at work. I got sick this past week and then Dean got sick. Then, I got passed over a job at work as the call center aspect is really starting to increase my anxiety (hence the crying). Things are finally starting to look up though as I am getting out of the corporate world. I put in 7 applications Thursday night and by 9 am on Friday, I have my first interview booked for Monday. I applied for a teaching position. With all of this COVID stuff going on, I want to go back to my roots. I enjoyed teaching children and I want a career that is rewarding, rather than the current one giving me more anxiety. It’s sad. After spending over 6 years, you would think they would value their employees, but they don’t. Once I quit, I’m blasting their name. Terrible company to work for. Do not recommend. But let’s get into the post after my long rant! First, let’s recap:

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $667.00

Total Makeup Products Used Up or Hit Pan In: 5/20

This shower gel goes for $25 and while it is expensive, this lasted me over 6 months of regular use. This has a lot of bang for the money. It is creamy, a little goes a long way, and I love the bum bum scent. I was able to get out every last drop. I will purchase this again for sure. There is no doubt in my mind. I need a shower gel anyway as well as a daytime facial cleanser, so I predict a little Marshall’s haul in my future.

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $692.00

I used up a tooth paste sample that my mother gave me and Dean used up another bottle of his CBD oil. I would not buy the tooth paste. I still enjoy my Crest White and I have plenty of backups for Dean currently.

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $712.00

I used a ton of skincare in July that I did not continue into September and for that I am sad. I know where I can improve on though. I used up a sheet mask, when my skin was breaking out and that was worth $4.99. I used the WEI mud pod as well, because I was breaking out. One pod retails for about $5, but I got a good 5 to 6 uses out of it. I used up my last pack of face wipes and my last morning cleanser. I didn’t enjoy the cleanser. It left my skin squeaky clean, which I do not enjoy.

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $745.98

I also used up 6 sticker sheets this past month. No, I didn’t use the whole sheets. I have been working on these for months, so it is very satisfying to finally use them up. I have bought a crap ton of new stickers and a planner. Those posts are in the works.

Total Makeup Products Used Up or Hit Pan In: 5/20

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $745.98

No makeup used this month, but if I end up actually going to work, that will change in October. I am so happy that I am going to reach $1K by the end of the year! I will have to use up a min of $62.50 each month of used up product. I need to use up some expensive full sized products to hit that mark. It is an easy goal to hit, I think. I just have to stay focused, of which I did not in September. September was a bad month from me all around in my life.

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2 thoughts on “20 in 2020: August Edit”

    1. Well, I had two school jump on interviewing me. I have an interview today as well and I should know today if I got the first job or not. I’d love to teach again. Especially in these crazy times for the kids.

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