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Erin Condren Warehouse Sale Haul

It has been a hot minute, since the last time that I have done a haul. This is just one of a few that I have been compiling over the last month or so and I am just getting around to writing about. I am super excited to have gotten some new planner supplies. I am still afraid to use all of it, because I don’t want to use them up. lol. Silly, I know, but I enjoy looking at them as much as I do actually using them. I also spent less than $50 on this haul. I saved about $150 with this sale. I do not know the prices that I paid for each item as EC only gives the full listed price, not the prices of the items when you actually purchased them.

The welcome pack above came with a bunch of gift labels, which was a nice touch.

I bought a coil pack of the minis. I want to be able to insert things into my planner when the mood strikes me or if I need to put something in there. I got these to put in keepsake photos, tickets, papers, etc. Just anything that I want or need to have in there that isn’t a sticker. lol

I didn’t realize that these were calligraphy pens or “brush” pens. I am going to have some fun with these pens in cards and gifts. These bleed through the planner pages, so these were not made to use in the planner. I wish the fine tips wouldn’t bleed through.

So, I really enjoy functional stickers. I knew I wanted to have a pack. I have been using the “month” colors in the correct month and it has been really fun to have matching stickers in the same color scheme as the month.

I look forward to use the “To Pay” stickers for big milestones like paying off a credit card or something that I only pay for once a year to really mark the occasion. I love the rose gold foil the best out of all the foils.

I need to utilize these type of stickers more, especially when I don’t have a lot going on that day. These would take up a bunch of white space. Great stickers to mark a planning session or a day at work that doesn’t utilize much tasks.

These check lists and full boxes are going to be really fun to play with and I cannot wait to add them to my planner.

I wanted Holiday stickers for Christmas, so I can add some nice accents all month long.

These would be great for marking when we buy a Christmas tree or buy presents. You could use these deco icons to symbolize a lot of things that you can do during the holiday season. The mitten would even be cute as marking the first snow angel or snowman. This sticker sheet gives me happy vibes.

I needed some stickers for pets now that we have Creag. I can mark when I make his food, take him to the vet, and the groomers.

I love these puffy stickers, because I am a child. lol I cannot wait to use these! Since I scoop his litter everyday, I don’t need any reminder stickers for that. I like that it has these fun stickers with some functional ones as well.

I want to get back into exercising and fitness. I want to get a step counter to make sure that I am getting my steps in. I figure having these stickers might inspire me to do more than just sit on my butt all day.

There are two identical sheets in this pack. I like that I can use some of these for meal planning as well as fitness. I enjoy the mix of inspirational quotes as well.

I needed more shopping and meal planning stickers. I have been feeling more energy lately and I am ready to get back into some home cooking.

Again, there are two identical sheets in this pack. I should be good until the end of the year with these two pages.

This looked like a fun set, so I purchased it.

I didn’t like this sheet, so I am giving it to someone I know who loves llamas.

I thought these stickers looked interesting and could add something special to the spread. You can also never have too many habit trackers.

I am a big fan of quotes and most of these are large. These might be great to use on the functional pages after the month calendar and before the weekly pages. Some of these will fit in the boxes, but the others are too big for the daily boxes.

Like with Christmas, I wanted some deco for my New Years spread to make the week really pretty, but these are also stickers that can be used for other celebrations like the 4th of July.

I am a sucker for foil and this clear sticker sheet does not disappoint. I am going to have a lot of fun with it in a few months.

These holographic stickers just looks cool as hell! These stickers might be the first to disappear. I have already used one of them in my first week in my new planner.

I tried to capture another photo where you can read most of the stickers. They are just so pretty and I just can’t get over it.

I love planning, so I had to get the love to plan sticker pack. That is a no brainer. These pastel stickers are super pretty and girly. I wanna use them all!!!

These remind me of candy hearts at Valentine’s Day. I think some of these will be around to use for that day as well as it is also Martin and I’s anniversary of when I proposed to him.

OMG! I just can’t get over this sheet. It has everything that I love.

I love the pastels of this pack. All of the light hues really work together.

I only purchased one of these books and I had a second one tossed into my order. This is about a $15.50 value that I did not expect to get for free. It was quite the great surprise.

I love the quote boxes. I have used a few of these already.

I love the watercolor design of the stickers. You can never have too many flags and I like to use mine as headers as well.

More flags, but in the Silver Foil this time.

I haven’t figured out how I am going to use these stickers yet, but I think I will use them as bottom washi and for decorating the monthly spread. I’ll be stretching my brain to use these up though.

I used the beautiful watercolor sticker as my bottom washi for this week. I couldn’t not use it. It is so beautiful!

I love these full boxes. I cannot wait to use these in my planner to add some pizazz to it.

In the Rose Gold foil, a mixture of flags and functional stickers. I’m excited to use these as well! I am excited to use all of my stickers and they all give me a thrill of excitement just looking at them.

Not my favorite sheet, but I will definitely use these stickers. I’m just not a fan of how they look. They almost look childish and not in the same style as the rest of the stickers is further off-putting.

Another practical sheet that I will enjoy using.

I am a super fan of quotes and script. These will be used to their fullest.

Again, while I like these stickers, these are a bit childish and not in the same vein as the rest of the Erin Condren stickers in the book.

A better look at the Rose Gold Foil, which is my favorite.

I like these stickers better than the more “childish” ones, but they still aren’t my favorite.

I ordered one set of the colorful kaleidoscope theme and I got two sets.

These are super pretty and I have already utilized them in my planner. I like to use them to mark important events or activities that take up a good part of the day as they do take up a good amount of room in the planner.

Again, I am a sucker for flags and this will give me the motivation that I need to use up some of the habit trackers that I have. This week, I definitely want to do some reading as I will have a lot of free time until my teaching job starts. I don’t want to waste the majority of the week of time all to myself.

I enjoy the amount of birthday stickers and deco this sheet has. I have many birthdays to celebrate and I like to mark it on my monthly and weekly spread, so I go through a lot of birthday stickers.

I have used almost all of the orange for the October monthly spread. I like being able to match the monthly theme with corresponding colored stickers.

I also got the identical set in the neutral colors, because I was loving all of the pastels and the cooler colors.

I wanted some more coordinating stickers with the monthly color scheme. This is a nice mix of practical icons and headers. I have almost used up all of the orange stickers for October.

I wouldn’t get this sheet again, but I bought it so I will use it.

I love my personalized Hello Kitty cover that I put on the notebook that I am using for my new teaching position. I took it to two interviews with me, so it’s my good luck charm.

I took off the cover to use my Hello Kitty one, but I do think this is a pretty color as well.

I already tore the stickers out from the back of the notebook to use in my planner. I don’t tend to use stickers in my notebook.

I am very happy with my little haul and I have two more yet to share with all of you. Plus, I just bought some stickers from a new sticker shop that I am obsessed with. I’ll also be buying more stickers from her for sure.

With Love,


2 thoughts on “Erin Condren Warehouse Sale Haul”

    1. I bought a Vertical and now I want an hourly. My time is filled with appointments and I didn’t realize that I would want something different. I am planning on sharing some spreads once the month is over and do like a month in review. I use mine as a scrap book as well and to track important events. So, I enjoy my stickering planner. Its my hobby and my only hobby that I can keep up with also finishing school. I’d love to knit again and read ANYTHING besides text books. Next October, I’ll be free for different pursuits.

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