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Sticky Situations Co Sticker Haul

Here I am again with another haul. I really love a good haul and I am getting back into my love of planning, which includes tons and tons of sticker hauls in the blog’s future. I am building a good little stockpile, so I’ll be able to plan and sticker to my heart’s content the way I like to do my planning. I don’t mind white space, but I also love a ton of stickers. I do an even mix of writing in the white space and using stickers. I don’t have $100+ disposable income a month to buy enough stickers to eliminate the white space.

My recent purchase is from one of my favorite Youtubers that has a sticker shop. I love that she left a personal little message for me. It was a very sweet touch.

UPDATE: For the weekend of October 16th, use code AUTUMN for 30% off your order.

I included her card, so you can have a look for yourself if you’d like. Not sure if the code works if you haven’t purchased from her before, but it did work on my second order. This purchase was already a great deal and no codes can be used on them.

I decided to purchase her Oops and Mini Grab bags. The Oops Bag has 10 to 15 sheets of stickers that have minor imperfections or it is overstock. the Mini Grab Bags are overstock of headers, little things, washi, and deco sheets and there are 20 sheets in each bag for $7.50. A great deal if you ask me! With shipping, I paid $20.75 for 37 sheets of stickers.

Let’s start with the Oops Bag for $10 which is 10 to 15 sheets. I received 15 sheets with a bonus freebie sheet for a total of 16 sheets.

  1. The Bonfire Girls was my Freebie sheet. I also got them in the Mini Grab Bag as well. I absolutely love these girl full boxes. I need more.

2. I love this deco sheet! It is perfect to add some decoration to a spread, but also good for icons like the coffee ones are good to symbolize a morning routine or a coffee run. There are so many different ways you can use these stickers and I just love them.

3. I love the washi strips for breaking up the day or layering with an icon for some extra pop. You can’t see it, but each pattern has the washi cut into different sizes. I love these lighter, muted colors and the marble design on the bottom right.

4. I don’t do many post office runs, so these will last me a while. I only go to get a new book of stamps when I need them as I mail in my rent, postcards, and letters to friends. I am down to my last stamp though, so I’ll be using one of these stickers soon!

5. I don’t sweep the floor, but Martin does. These will be good it use to mark his chores, so I can keep better track of when he actually does them. lol

6. Ugh. I haven’t gone to a salon in FOREVER. I do need to get my hair cut as I have a lot of split ends now due to not going for over a year and bleaching my hair. This will happen, I just don’t know when. Also, these stickers will last me FOREVER based on how often I go. My son went more than me, but he can’t keep a mask on due to his autism and no place has allowed his haircut w/o one. So, I’ve been getting really good at trimming his bangs and keeping his hair a HSM Zac Efron length and cut.

7. I am currently unemployed, so these stickers won’t get much action until the end of this month/November. I quit my stressful job and I am in the process of being hired as a pre-k teacher. I’ve never done this before, but the process is longer maybe b/c of COVID. IDK. I have the savings to have quit early. So far, it’s been one week out of a job, but I could be looking at two to maybe three weeks. But these are super cute!

8. I love these girl boxes. I actually ended up buying the weekly kit that has these stickers. They are just too cute and so me.

9. I love the color scheme of these littles. It definitely fits with the Fall theme.

10. These are really bright and cute. I’ll be holding onto these for summer and maybe use the green ones in December for Christmas.

11. These are Summer stickers for sure, but I have my eye on using the orange boxes for October.

12. My pictures here was a bit blurry. I love these Spring colors. Perfect to decorate my birthday week in May.

13. These colors scream Spring and Summer to me. I love the bright and bold colors.

14. Another summer sheet. I cannot wait to use my stickers that I am saving for next year. I am building a nice variety / sticker stash.

15. These stickers are perfect for Easter week! The colors are so soft, but gorgeous!

16. I already used the September calendar in my planner as a “look back” week. I will probably use the date numbers to jazz up my November calendar and decorate the sidebar nicely. I can pretend that these flowers are poinsettias. I am looking forward to decorate November in a couple of weeks. My month spreads are usually a work in progress until the month is over. They get an initial layout with stuff I know ahead of time, then I add throughout the month when things come up. Then, I wrap up with more decoration and start the next month.

Here is the Mini Grab Bag of 21 sheets, keeping in mind that 1. is the Bonfire Girls which I received 2 of. Also, I know my posts have been inconsistent when I post. I have just been so busy. With my extra time, I have been getting ahead on homework and doing lots of house chores/organization. Now, that it has been a week, I have more time to blog and enjoy this precious time off.

2. I have used most of this sampler sheet already. I really like these stickers. I look forward to using up the rest of them.

3. Might use the green in December, but I will save the rest for Spring/Summer. These are such bright, poppy colors!

4. Again, love these labels, because I am a big list maker. These help keep my planner organized.

5. Tie dye is such a summer thing. It’s my favorite design/pattern out of this washi sheet.

6. Cute deco sheet that I am saving for Christmas in July, because it is so cute and appropriate. The Surfer Santa has me giggling.

7. The bottom two colors are very muted and tame to use in non-summer spreads. The top two are REALLY bright though. It’s perfect for summer. 🙂

8. I love the bright washi. Doesn’t necessarily scream Christmas in July, but it is nice to go along with the rest of the collection.

9. I absolutely love this Christmas washi. I’ll be using each image as a full box set to fill up space during Christmas time. I don’t want to break up the picture and use it piece mail. It is too pretty for that. I love the real photos after all the drawn deco.

10. I love this cute deco page. Perfect for decorating the planner and spread. I might use the basket with pillows icon to indicate doing laundry, but most of these will fit better for decoration for me.

11. I have already used a few of these as headers for my planner. These capture Fall perfectly to me: wood and plaid, fire and changing leaves. Perfect.

12. I love these muted colors for Fall and Spring. The baby pink and blue are more spring, while the others speak more Fall to me. Headers are super useful to me. I can never have enough or too many.

13. Another adorable deco page. These will be cute to incorporate in the Spring. No travel plans, but it might be nice to decorate school vacations and whatnot.

14. More pastel headers with some bolder ones.

15. These pineapples are super cute! They are glossy stickers and I don’t know how I’m going to use them yet. Almost too pretty to use!

16. More pastel headers. It’s a good thing that I LIVE for neutrals and light colors.

17. These are a beautiful wash of color. I love the washed out pink with the gold glitter.

18. I love these colors.

19. Friggin’ adorable to use this upcoming summer.

20. Again, this washi is too pretty to breakup. I’ll be using it as a full picture box for sure on birthdays.

21. More headers in pretty colors.

That is all of the stickers that I have purchased this time around, but I did make a purchase during the 30% off sale. More to come. Also, I am changing my hair color up again. I am stripping out my pink hair and waiting to hear what the policy is before deciding what to do. I want to do electric green, but if I can only have natural hair colors, I will want to bleach my roots and tone it to be blonde again.

With Love,


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