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Erin Condren Haul: Life Planner

I decided that I couldn’t wait for the new year to start my life planner, so I purchased one back in September to start in October. Now that October is almost over, I am finally finding the time to write this blog post. lol. I am getting back into my planner swing. I love using it as a memory keeper / scrapbook as well. It’s not just a planner to me! I am using it to mark major monthly milestones, Dean’s monthly milestones, and a monthly dashboard of the major events/memories of the month. Dean’s monthly milestones are goals or strides that Dean has taken at school/home over the course of the month. He is going to be 5 this year and I want to continue celebrating his accomplishments, but more privately. Without further ado, here is another EC Haul!

I love the Rose Gold coil and the Hello Kitty cover! I wish they would have the option of what type of foil. I would have loved Rose Gold in this as well. I personalized my cover with my future married name. I just think the cover is stinking cute and I love it!

Here is a better picture of the foiled cover. I love that metallic shine!

I purchased the flower power design and I have to say, that I am impressed by how pretty it is!

I mean, look at this spread!

I love the monthly quotes!

A calendar layout.

The monthly dashboard design.

I purchased the vertical layout, but now I wish I had done the hourly as I have loads of appointments to keep track off.

I love the folder in the back. I plan on using the perpetual calendar next year.

I love the stickers from the back of the planner! I have already ripped them out as I will never use them if I don’t see them while planning.

There is a sample packet that comes with every life planner. These are three compliment cards.

A couple of gift sticker tags.

A sticker to put the year on my planner box.

I also purchased weekly ? monthly ? sheets for my planner. I am using them in my weekly layout to celebrate the major holiday weeks: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. They don’t quite fit the new planner as the new planner, the columns are a tad wider. I make it work though. Also, I now found a sticker shop to buy monthly kits from for my calendar spread. The weekly kits would be something that I buy as a treat. I don’t see myself buying a ton of EC stickers anymore, when I have found my favorite sticker shop.

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