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VS Haul

I made a smallish purchase at Victoria Secrets for a few Christmas presents and a few things that I needed for myself. I needed more hand sanitizer and some body wash. There was a sale going on and I had a $10 off coupon that I decided to use with my VS card. I also grabbed a couple of things that I didn’t need, but that always happens to me when I shop. Now, let’s get onto the haul!

I really enjoy the VS body scrubs, so I wanted to get another one to use up in the shower. I do have half of a container left and one more bag of scrub waiting to be used. I know that I will be using this up next, so I don’t feel bad that this will sit for a bit. I am getting MUCH better at getting rid of my backstash and only buying an item if I have 1 or none left. This is a honey scrub and I hope it has a nice consistency.

This exploded slightly into the cap. This is the body wash that I purchased as I used up my last one. This has a nice light scent and it does well at moisturizing my skin. This will last me through to the end of the year. I am hoping to pickup some B&BW body wash with my candles during their Black Friday sale.

I love that this is a spray on hand sanitizer and in a fresh, light coconut scent. I need to use up the drags of three different hand sanitizers first before cracking this bad boy open. I like to use hand sanitizer between light tasks like changing a diaper, but I will wash my hands before handling food and after cleaning Creag’s litter box.

My daughter and I got matching lip oils. These are wet looking as they are an oil, but absorb quickly. I don’t notice the micro shimmer on my lips. This is great to wear under a face mask as it won’t stain and absorbs quickly, so no mask sticking to your lips. They smell like cotton candy though and it is delightful.

With Love,


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