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20 in 2020: September Edits

I didn’t manage to use up much in September, but October’s bag feels full. I have high hopes for the last month. Plus, going back to work at the end of October is getting me back into using makeup and skincare routinely again. It has been a very rewarding experience to state the least. Although, I am still suffering a bad case of bronchitis after a month of first contracting it. I didn’t use up any makeup in September and I barely will move the monetary amount by much this month. It was a very stressful month for me, because by the end, I decided to look for employment elsewhere.

Recap from September:

Total Makeup Products Used Up or Hit Pan In: 5/20

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $745.98

I used up a body cream sample and some eye pads. The eye pads were nice, but were mostly dried out by the time that I used them. The eye pads were worth $3.60. The sample of the Glow Recipe Avocado Sleeping Mask was really nice and I would consider purchasing it once I use up my current sleeping mask. I used up another WEI mud mask. I get 5 -6 masks per pod for $5.25. I really like these, but I would not repurchase at the high price.

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $754.83

I used up a sample of my hair gummies that I enjoy.

I used up two sheets of stickers. With my growing sticker collection, it is very important to me to note how many sticker sheets I am using up a month. This will justify future sticker purchases.

I am so close at reaching my 1K goal that I really think that I am going to reach it this year. I have been concentrating on products on their last legs, so hopefully, I can get enough out to equal that 1K. I will start using my dry shampoo again. I have quite a few travel sizes, so I am sure that I can use a few cans up within the next couple of months. I don’t have much hope in reaching my makeup goals, but I will try again next year.

Total Makeup Products Used Up or Hit Pan In: 5/20

Total Monetary Amount for 2020: $754.83

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