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Sticky Situations Haul Ultimate Planner Sale

I saved so much money with this haul during the sale and I got quite a few freebies as well. I am so excited to keep ordering from my favorite seller. I decided that I would continue to buy the monthly kits on the regular. I did buy one for December, but I already decorated for January. The next monthly kit I will buy will be for February, which is quite far ahead. I would occasionally buy the weekly kits, but they are expensive at $20 a pop. I am going to show how much of the weekly kit I use up in a week and show the week including what is left of the kit. I think you can get 1 complete week and have plenty of extras to use for another week’s spread. I’ll also be doing my monthly lookback later on this month as well. I have a bunch of new posts in the wings with some more planner related content. I guess, my blog is expanding into planning as well as still being beauty related. I am also thinking about adding pet content starting with my new cat’s introduction and possibly organization content when it makes sense. I am also thinking about adding some seasonal content as well. I just want to enjoy what I am writing about, which is what I am going with!

Now, onto the haul!

This card is so pretty that I am going to add it into my planner on one of my lined pages for November. It is just too pretty to not utilized. I don’t know what you would use these for. Postcards maybe?

Oh, because I was one of the first of 20 orders, I got a bunch of freebies from every shop that participated. The above is one of those freebies.

This is the freebie from the shop that I ordered from. Most of these will be saved for next year as I never used them for this Halloween. Next year will be better where we might actually get to do all of these things. This is super adorable though.

Another freebie. These are cute, but I don’t feel compelled to purchase from this shop. If this is a sample sheet, it is not a shop that I feel compatible with. I do like them and will use them though. Just not my favorite.

Another freebie. I love script stickers and these are nice. I might check them out for more of these stickers. I will for sure use up all of these fast. lol

A freebie. These are cute, but not something that I would purchase. I will use all of these cooking and cleaning icons / stickers, but it is not something that I am looking to buy from a different shop. Color scheme is more neutral than I enjoy as well.

A freebie. These are super cute and I will enjoy using them! These stickers make me smile and these are the types of stickers that I enjoy adding to my planner.

Another freebie. Most of these will be used on my Christmas spread, but this sample is also foiled which is so luxe for a freebie item. I will enjoy them and I might purchase more from this shop.

I enjoy the variety of these work stickers. This is also a freebie item. I don’t get a lot of opportunities for overtime in my current job, so it might be awhile before I get the opportunity to use it up.

With this freebie, I enjoy that all of the stickers are practical and will be used up. I enjoy having a huge collection of stickers to choose from depending on theme, mood, etc. Also with it being 2020, the cancelled sticker will probably be used up quick.

I enjoy the functionality of this freebie. These will all be used up rather quick as I am a busybody. lol. I like the light gold/beige coloring as it is neutral to fit with any spread, but not too neutral that the color is boring or looks blah on the page.

I love the creativity of this freebie. I enjoy the colors and all of the sayings / script. These probably won’t be used up as fast, because I like to hoard all of my cute ones.

The icons are kinda boring on this one. I will use them up, but nothing that I am interested in purchasing. These might last a long while because I barely read the news, do my nails, listen to a podcast, or do my hair.

I like all the planning stickers in this freebie and the inspirational script. I’m a fan of pink and purple, so I find the soft colors very pretty as well.

Another cute freebie that I will use up fast. I really like all of the fall colors in this one.

I received this page freebie because I spent over $30 in the sale. I’m using this as a Christmas list instead of a Black Friday one. I’m going to write down everyone that I want to get gifts for and to check them off when I have down so. I’ll be able to better budget and keep track of the various people in my life.

I purchased these laptop doodles to keep track of my blogging and my homework. When I am done with college, I plan on also using them for tracking my book writing. I love how adorable they look.

I got the coffee doodles to mark special coffee dates / orders / or as random deco for going out events like buying a Christmas tree with a cup of hot coffee. I’m a coffee fan, so getting some coffee stickers is a must. I could also use them to mark some school events.

I work 4 days a week in school and Fridays I work remotely from home. I need work stickers to track my schedule as some days are half days for school or professional development half days. This will help me keep track of half days where I leave early from half days were I stay until the end of my shift.

I love this sticker page holding book. But I also want to purchase a sticker holder book that will hold leftover stickers on the pages, so I don’t have to keep a page for 1 sticker or a couple of them that are out of season. I’ll be checking out these etsy sellers to see if anyone sells one in their shop. This keeps all my smaller sticker sheets organized and in one place.

I have already started using the December kit on my December calendar. There is more that I will need to add. I just put down the base of the kit. Since plans and events are always changing (Covid-19 pandemic), I am waiting until the month of December starts before putting down any plans as I will have more of an idea as the month goes on. I’ll have maybe 1/3 of the kit leftover that I can use in January as I have already decorated that month without a monthly kit.

I love this weekly kit that I purchased. I am actually using it as my kit for this week 11/9. With using it for 1/2 of the week so far, I can see getting another week (without the date covers and bottom washi of course!) out of the kit. I might even have more left over to get a third week looking nice. I will take a picture of the weekly spread using the kit and show what I have left. I’ll do next week and show that as well. If it is enough for 2 weeks, $20 isn’t as bad as I thought for this. I do love the soft muted colors and everything about this kit. I’m holding off on buying anymore stickers than what the teacher stickers I just purchased from EC. I need to use up what I have and I have a shit ton of stickers right now. I’m thinking about combining funds from Nov and Dec to purchase an organization center, especially since Fridays are remote and our school might be going full remote due to climbing COVID cases in the surrounding communities.

With Love,


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