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1K Declutter: October

There were many changes for me in October. The bulk of October was good changes. I quit a soul sucking job, took approximately two weeks off of working, and started a new career that actually makes me happy. I was able to declutter / use up a few items in October. The newest challenge we have been trying to overcome is my cat Creag’s food aggression. He is only 6 months old and very aggressive around food to the point where he growls and swats with claws. I have never encountered this with a cat before, but we are for sure up to the challenge. Now, let’s get back to the declutter.

#228 – 236

I am decluttering these items from my home. The swimsuit, bra, socks, and shirt are all items that have been outgrown. The hair tie is just past its lifespan. The mitten has lost its matching pair and the water bottle sleeve doesn’t even fit the water bottle that it came with. The pink hair dye, I am giving to a friend, because I no longer want to color my hair pink anymore.

#237 – 242

I strongly dislike these bobby pins that have a tendency of pulling my hair out and the headband is too tight for my head.


I have an eyebrow pencil. I don’t get fancier with my brows than that. I don’t need this.

#244 – 248

I have 5 books to declutter out of my collection, only one of which I did read (Forever). I’m just not interested in those other books anymore.

#249 – 250

I used up a perfume sampler card and a mini primer.

#251 – 252

I used up a daily hair repair cream that I would use every time I wash my hair. I also used up the Coco Cabana Cream and I really loved that scent!

#253 -254

Dean used up one of his CBD oils and I used up an exfoliating face mask.

#255 -260

I used up 6 sticker sheets in my planner. I estimate that these numbers will go up as I have been going crazy with the stickers in my planner. I just love using stickers; however, I am think about switching to a different planner that won’t be as heavy on the stickers as I have been using. I just love using my planner as a scrapbook, but I also want to actually use it as a planner as well. It’s a catch 22.

Well, I am up to 260/1,000 decluttered or used up. My baby goal was 250 and I did hit that. I am very proud of myself for having done so. Hopefully, I am able to do a bit of decluttering in November as well to hopefully reach 300 by the end of the year.

With Love,


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