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Erin Condren Fall SSB

A very late unboxing, but I really have been enjoying showing my planner supplies and my stickers. I enjoy sharing my opinion and honestly, I sort of regret getting this box as I gave most of the stuff away rather than kept it. I just didn’t have a use for some of the items that I received in it. It’ll make really great gifts though, so I am not too bothered. The most expensive item, I gave away. I think that is why I am the most disappointed in this box and skipped out on the Winter box because of that.

The box itself is super gorgeous. I broke the box down and folded it inside out, so this beautiful quote is now on the front outside of the box. I use this blush pink box to hold all of my planner stickers currently. It also has a set of my colorful InkJoy Gel Pens, because sometimes, I travel with my planner.

I always enjoy it when the cards list the items in the box and the cost.

2 Fall Foiled Sticker Sheets for $5.50

These stickers are super pretty for decoration. I used these inside of my planner for decoration and to take up space if I didn’t have too much going on one day. I did give the second sticker sheet away though, because one was plenty for me.

Ballpoint Pen Set for $9.50

I gave this away as part of a gift as well. I have a ton of nice pens that I wanted to give this away to someone with the most expensive item in the box. These have the super nice flowing ink, but I find it a little scratchy. I am not a big fan of ball points and I much prefer gel ink.

Large Eraser for $6.50

I gave this to my daughter as part of her birthday gift and she loves how huge it is. I don’t use pencils, so I have zero use for an eraser.

Metallic Stationery Set for $10

I kept these cards and I have already used one as a thank you card to a student’s parent for a thoughtful B&BW gift on teacher appreciation day. The cards come with an envelop and an asterisk sticker to seal the envelop with. The cards are blank on the inside, so you can write a personalized note in them. Not worth $10 for 3 cards in my opinion, but I liked it enough to keep it. Then again, I like to collect stationary items, so this isn’t surprising.

Asterisk Decorative Tape for $7

I plan on using these as accents and to make to do lists as I think it looks really cute. I kept this item as I love all stickers and washi products. I hope this is really easy to use. I really need to get the glue version of this to be able to add some photos and other things to my planner as I love adding keepsake items in them. I think that is the memory keeping side of my planner that I really enjoy.

Hexagon Sticky Notes for $6.50

I kept these sticky notes as well, because I like to add sticky flags and markers in my monthly calendar and in the weekly spread to mark important appointments or events. I haven’t started using these yet, but I know they are transparent. I like the fact that they are transparent. I like that the smaller one fits in the monthly view and the other two are good sizes for the weekly view. It is not something I would have normally bought as I already have my sticky flags, but I am happy to have backups for future spreads/planners.

Paper Ornament 2-Pack for $8

I really like these ornaments, but I would not purchase them. They are nice and heavy. I like that they fold away for easy storage, but they are very expensive. I don’t have the budget to purchase enough to decorate my tree in earthy tones. They are beautiful. I just wish that I could afford to buy a bunch of them.

Metallic Interchangeable Covers for $13

I really love this cover and find it very beautiful. I am waiting for my Hello Kitty covers to get really banged up before switching them out with new covers. I tend to wear out my cover (tons of scratches and not looking very nice) before switching them out with a new cover. Then, when I retire my planner and start my new one. I will put the most worn cover on the old one and store it away for memories.

Vegan Leather Padfolio Set for $28

I am gifting this away as I already have a planner and no use for this really. I know someone who could really use a planner that does not use one. With Christmas being less of a big event this year, it is nice to take items like these and wrap them as gifts. I am sure money is tight with everyone, but with the career move that resulted in less hours and about $3 less pay, we are really struggling. Combine that with the fact that my fiancé still hasn’t been able to get an interview to get a job and we are really struggling this year with Christmas. We are just going to do the best we can and not put ourselves in debt over Christmas. We can still pay all of our expenses, we just don’t have a ton of disposable income for gifts this year. I do like to remind him though that we bought expensive gifts last year, so its only appropriate to follow it up with a modest one.

With Love,

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